Meet Team USA For The World Cup Of Roller Derby

How many leagues are represented in Team USA?

Between players and management we represent 16 leagues.
How many skaters from the 2011 WC team are returning to represent their country again?

14 of 31

Did you have difficulty getting everyone together for training sessions?

Yeah!  It's nearly impossible!  Everyone is already traveling extensively for their home teams and the country is quite large.  We have had two formal practices this year as well as several games of various forms

How do you feel about the bracket you're in and who are you most excited to play in the tournament?

We are very excited to play new teams this year!  We are looking forward to playing as many teams as we can!  Our traditional rivals of Canada and England are certainly on our bulletin boards but we take it one game at a time.  

Any interesting bout day rituals?

We bring the entire team together, not just the game roster.  Speeches. feelings, inspiration, bald eagles.   

You're heavily favored to win the tournament - does this put additional pressure on you?

We put more pressure on ourselves than could be possible from external sources.  It isn't just about winning for us, it's winning in the best way possible, with class, grace, respect, teamwork, and passion.

There are a lot of folks here in England looking forward to the possibility of a England/USA final. Our UK readers may be very interested to know how Juke Boxx feels about this....?

Well you better ask her, but she's still American through and through!  Perhaps she's working as a spy or double agent?

Anything else you'd like the derby world to know about Team USA?

Just that we are very excited to meet and play everyone.  It's a profound honor to be representing our country and roller derby, but also we are humbled by the international explosion and to us, everyone traveling from another country is a hero. 

You'll notice more and more players are using their government names.

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