Meet Team Denmark for the World Cup of Roller Derby

The Danes are coming get out of the way, The Danes are coming get out of the way, THE DANES ARE COMING GET OUT OF THE WAY!

How many leagues are represented in Team Denmark?

In Denmark we have 5 leagues and all of them are represented plus we have Miss Mane who in non-world cup-times lives on the Faroe Islands and our one of our captains Deenfeldt who normally lives in Malmø, Sweden and skates for Crime City Rollers.

Do you have many skaters that have competed internationally?

Well, since Denmark only have 5 leagues and the country is so small we have very short distances to our neighbours, I don't think we actually have players that never competed internationally. Our biggest league Copenhagen Roller Derby makes up about half of our team and they were even represented at WET this year.

Did you have difficulty getting everyone together for training sessions? Yes a bit. But we very quickly figured about that it was all about planning ahead and our players have been very dedicated and travelled to the other side of the country a 3-5 hours transport depending on where you are - and yes that is how small Denmark is;)) to practise once a month.

How do you feel about the bracket you're in and who are you most excited to play in the tournament? We ended up in a strong bracket, with both our competitors already participated in the 2011 World Cup but we will take it as a challenge and do our best. Canada is a very strong team and we look forward to play against legendary skaters such as Georgia W Tush. We don't know much about Argentina but we know they are strong, so it will be exciting to get to play a team so far away from us geographically. Any interesting bout day rituals? As a group we warm up and have a team talk together before a bout and then have only our team shout: The danes are coming get out of the way, the danes a coming get out of the way, the Danes are coming get out of the way - WUUUUUU. Doesn't work that well in writing :D Our players seem to be rather equally devided into the group that focuses internally with music in their ears or mellow talk with team buddies and the group that need to yell at each other and smack eachother around a bit to peptalk themselves ready. The players are very good at giving eachother space to do what they need to get ready. How is your fundraising going? We have raised some money. Compared to how small the sport is in Denmark I think we have done quite well. At the moment we are having an internet auction with donated items and then we are selling our super cool Merch tank tops and shirts. Our shirts and logo are designed mainly by our player Sofie Bay and merchandiser Durakill Bunny. If you have seen our 'Wanted' T-shirt it is actually Bay's legs that are on it. we also sell those online as long as we have some. If you are interested in buying one just send me an email at and we will send it straight to you:) Anyone we should be looking out for on TD?

Ofcourse.... ALL of them:) We play, win and loose as a team. Do you have a mascot? Nope - Wonder what would it be if we had one? And please do not say a lille mermaid:) Anything else you'd like the derby world to know about TD? We are writing sport history in Denmark with this team. It is the first national team in Roller Derby in danish history and we will be represented at the World Cup. That is pretty good for a first year I think. We hope that is the beginning for a great development in danish roller derby and we are so proud to be pioneers on this.

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