Men's Roller Derby World Cup - Where Were You?

The golf film Tin Cup featured a scene where a golfer finds himself unable to clear a water hazard.  Rather than take a drop, he elects to re-try, then re-try again, then keep re-trying until he finally succeeds.  He states "My whole career, my whole life on the line...I just made a 12 on the last hole of the Open!"

And his girlfriend replies, "You sure did. It was the greatest 12 of all time. No one's going to remember the Open 10 years from now, who won...but they'll remember your 12! My, God, Roy, it was...Well, it's immortal! I am so proud of you!"

A tournament isn't just about who lifts the trophy at the end, it's a weekend full of sports moments that will stick with you for a long, long time.  Sometimes it's about hitting a 12 instead of a 4, and sometimes the other way around!

The first moment of the tournament was Japan's skate out.  The crowd roared like some kind of jungle beast to welcome these 11 skaters to the Men's World Cup.  Japan responded by pulling skate tricks on the track during the ceremony, then by skating their hardest throughout the weekend.  They didn't win, but they knew they had the crowd support.  Even the famous Tartan Army would sound off for Japan when playing against their own country!

The next great moment involves that Tartan Army.  One of the men from the Power of Scotland told me that his goal was to score 2 against the USA, so they could out-do the women's 1 point in 2011.  They took that challenge on, and managed to score a grand slam as their first points!  Crowds on the other track rushed over to be part of the celebration, and the twitter feed went nuts over it, just as when Wales first scored against the USA.

Speaking of, can't neglect to mention Wales scoring against the USA, and the pure joy on the faces of their fans and their bench.  There was a massive sense of Welsh pride that one could almost taste in the air when one of their own was able to snatch 2 from 14 of the best skaters in the world.

What about Argentina, who's goal was to just win one bout?  They managed to win two, then went in to the knockout stage as a crowd favourite.  Although they didn't manage to take home a trophy, they did take home over £1000 in crowd funding to help pay for their trip, as well as prove that Argentina are a powerhouse in international derby.  They finished ranked 7th out of the 15 teams!

The final moment no one can forget was the captain of Argentina, Optimus Quad, proposing to his girlfriend at halftime of the championship bout.  There were people weeping in the crowd who had never even spoken with either of them, and I'm fairly sure that she needed to see the medics afterward, as she was feeling a bit faint.

Of course there were other moments worth mentioning, such as the Scots' anthem as sung before the USA bout, but these are just a few.  The question is, where where you when they happened?

I was trackside.  See you there next time!

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Stat Man is an announcer, tournament planner, and analyst.  He proudly chairs the MRDWC, as well as planning broadcasts and keeping people informed about derby at all levels.

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Mistress Von Uber Vixen

I loved watching the camaraderie after the France v. Argentina game!