What's cooking in Roller Derby City?

Hello from all of us here at Roller Derby City!

So, bout season is well and truly go! And we have been up to our Derby-loving eyeballs in customised scrim wear and merch for teams to sell at bouts and on their websites!

We have a wealth of lovely customers in the derby-verse and being owned and operated by derby players FOR derby players, we know what works and what doesn't!
Selling good quality merchandise with your team's logo on is the easiest way to generate money for a league AND raise awareness in your community at the same time. Usually a T shirt with your team's logo would do the trick but now it's getting cold we have to rethink this sartorial choice! At the moment we're running an offer on hoodies so you can kit out your team and adoring fans and make profit to go straight back into your league. Stuff with your team's logo on is always going to be sought after by Fresh Meat and your friends and family so give them the opportunity to display this loud and proud! Check out the offer on the RDC website.

Here at RDC we proudly sponsor some Roller Derby Teams and Events. At the moment we are working on getting teams the best quality kit to wear whilst bouting and have found that the way forward in uniforms in sublimation (a fancy way of saying that the design is IN the fabric)
We have been squirrelling away trying to get hold of the best sublimated kit that we can get our paws on (check out the Wirral Whipiteres gear) and are in the process of getting TEAM ENGLAND (whom we sponsor) kit together!

We're sponsoring the HEARTLANDS FINAL in November which we are incredibly excited about attending. The Heartland series has been going strong and this will culminate in an exciting final with eight teams from around the UK on Sunday 23rd November. We looking forward to seeing everyone there!

We're also going to be sponsoring BEARDi. This event will see six men's teams going head to head (beard to beard?) to raise money for Prostate cancer. This will be on th 29th-30th November, so not long to go!

We love being part of the roller derby community and love to hear about events going on around the country and the world! You can contact us via Facebook, Twitter and email to let us know what's happening with your league and be sure to contact us with any questions and queries about merch and kit.

Our next post will be an exciting and delighting insight into HOW WE PRINT AT RDC! Ever wondered how we make your scrim tops, kit, merch and awesome garments? Stay tuned...

Bustang Sally @ RDC xx

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