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This month brought to you by DRD roller, Jetson.

Dubai Roller Derby (DRD) are pretty stoked to share our first column for Rollin’ News *insert wrist guard claps here*


We hope that through these monthly columns we can inspire, motivate and encourage both our own league, and others out there…AKA you guys!


Like most leagues, we’ve had our fair share of struggles, tribulations and trials. As well as many successes, joys and smiles - yes, I like to rhyme. But I won’t punish you to read my terrible puns and poems…well, not TOO much anyway. 


That said, some of the challenges we experience may not be an issue for your local teams, due to the fact that we are based in the Middle-East

Skating, as you can imagine, can be tricky at times in the Gulf. Setting up and maintaining a league, recruiting for and promoting it whilst upholding cultural sensitivity, finding a suitable practice location, and perpetuating motivation haven’t been easy but we’ve made it! AND we are here to stay.

Dani O’Connell, founder of DRD, knows all about these issues; setting up our league from scratch, here in Dubai. When asked what have been some of the biggest challenges for DRD, she told us; “Dubai is such a transient place - people are always coming and going. Add into the mix really long working hours; it can be difficult for people to make a solid commitment to a regular training schedule. Especially when you are building something from the ground up. ”


Another big hurdle for the league is the heat!  If you find yourself without an indoor, air-conditioned training facility during the summer period; you may as well write-off group practice until you DO find a suitable indoor space.


Unfortunately during the summer of 2013, DRD faced this problem.  Just as the league was gaining momentum and many new members, practice got reduced from twice weekly training sessions, to none at all.

With the temperature peaking at an excruciating 51C degrees (123.8 Fahrenheit) it’s not the most inspiring or motivating atmosphere for outdoor skating. However, DRD powered on where we could.


This ended up being an outdoor hockey pitch at a popular tennis academy and training sessions starting later in the evening to try escape the heat; but not the humidity.


We’re delighted to say that we now have a really great home with vinyl floors, dual locker-rooms, bleachers, enough room for a full track and even a point timer on the wall.


All of which have enabled us to return to a twice weekly training schedule for both our recreational and competitive practices.

Since the beginning of this year, we have made a conscious decision to really drive and push awareness of DRD through Social Media and we are now maintaining eight platforms – check out the links at the bottom of this article.

September 2014, saw us hold our largest Fresh Meat Night.  It was a roaring success with over 32 skaters attending, as well as marking the official start of Season Three.

As a league, we have gone through an organizational re-structuring, which so far is working really well. DRD has split practices into both recreational and competitive; each focusing on different levels of skill but both working towards a common goal; ensuring that every member of DRD is a safe, confident and athletic skater by the time they pass minimum skills.


With the success of recruitment, social media promotion, marketing, social events and training for our two teams, 2014 looks set to be another milestone year.

To date, we have more members, a new structure, an engagement, a few weddings, a couple of babies on the way, a sprinkling of guest refs, some great sponsorship interest; allowing us to buy gear locally instead of having to ship it in, solidified relationships and mass of new ‘DRD ARMY’ fans.


Not forgetting you and this new column of course! All in all, it’s shaping up to be a great year for us.  


You can find out more about DRD, read up-to-date news, and keep afloat of events at dubairollerderby.com and facebook.com/dubairollerderby

So we’ll sign off our first column with some words of inspiration for our Fresh Meat;


“Keep on skatin’ and hold your head up high. You’re a derby gal’ now.”


Derby love,

Jetson @ Dubai Roller Derby


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