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Each week, Rollin' News likes to put a spotlight on the leagues and skaters of Roller Derby.

Right now, if you didn't know it, there are just over 50,000 skaters in the world of Derby as well as over 1,500 leagues give or take.  We know these numbers aren't entirely accurate, but its the best we can do to assume how many Roller Derby leagues there are in the world.  If you do some math for active skaters, 30 * 1,500 = 45,000 give or take several thousand due to larger and smaller leagues.  Those numbers are promising, because it shows derby is growing.  

With all that derby going on in the world, we believe that every derby player and league need some recognition.  So we setup our front page of Rollin News to give you just that!  Each week at random, a league and player are chosen from our collective database with RDNation and then put up front and center on the very page over 22,000 people visit each month.

Therefore, we wanted to let you know what it takes to be featured as well as what we display and why.

Featured Leagues
In order to be a featured league, we require the following:

  1. Your league must be apart of RDNation.  Your league doesn't have to pay to be featured.
  2. Your league has more than five members on RDNation.
  3. Your logo is uploaded on RDNation.  We can't show you off without that logo.
  4. Your website needs to be filled in too!

So what do we show off to the world?

  1. The league name.
  2. The league logo.
  3. The city and state.
  4. The leagues website address.
  5. Your shop and merchandise. (If your league has one with RDNation)
  6. Your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. (If they are filled out on RDNation)
So go get your league started on RDNation.  You don't need to be using RDNation or their services in order to get featured.  So what are you waiting for?

Feature Skater
We ask the same things from you in order to be picked as a featured skater.

  1. You must have an active profile on RDNation.
  2. You shouldn't be retired on your profile.
  3. You must have uploaded your profile picture.
  4. You must have both a player # and derby name filled out.
  5. No private profiles of RDNation will be featured.  If you hid your profile, it will not be featured.
  6. You must have a bio filled out.  No matter how short or long, there must be something you typed in for your profile.  But please keep it clean.  One of the profiles we had didn't have such a clean bio and we had to remove them from being featured.

So go get a profile on RDNation.  Did we mention, that the profile you create can also be used to login to Rollin' News?  You can have one login, but it works across sites!

We ask you to sign up to RDNation because we do our best to automate the entire process of featured leagues and skaters.  While we could input them manually, it would take more time out of our day.  Time that is used to create a better community for derby world wide.

* "Abs of Steel, lead jammer and MVP" by 24oranges.nl
* "5th Annual Holiday Heritage Parade in Charlottesville" by Bob Mical

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I have been a Referee for Roller Derby both the WFTDA and MADE rule sets with over 5 years experience.

I am now the Owner of RDNation.com.

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