Vagine Regime Aotearoa vs. Pirate City Rollers

The Vagine Regime Aotearoa only play as a team a couple of times a year and the Pirate City Rollers are still in the process of team selection for the All Scars so this was always going to be a bit of an exhibition match. To add to that, we got to see some old faces. Big Mack was out for a skate for PCR (and she left blood on the track!).

Pirate City Rollers have lost Velvet Hammer, C-3P Owned, Skate the Muss, Terror Satana, Rick O'Shay and Ruby Red Knuckles this year. Which had me wondering whether PCR would be able to remain competitive. That's A LOT of experience leaving the team.

So this game for me was just a little bit different... It was about watching the individuals. There was a couple of other things just a little bit different about this bout. There was an all new commentator! Congratulations that guy! It's for this reason that this write up is going to feel just a little bit like a long list of name dropping.

PCR got off to a pretty good start though VGA were ticking along and, although the score line probably doesn't show it, were holding their own.

This was the first time, to my great discredit, that I've noticed Miss Crunchbull. She's currently a Hamilton player moving to Auckland later this year (or so I've been told) and is a member of Team NZ. I think she's going to make a great addition to the team.

She Hard made a fairly solid jammer (there were times when I was yelling inside my head "challenge the damn link!") and I'm really hoping to see her as a bit of a rotation player (playing as a jammer for the Broadside Brawlers and pivot for Pirate City Rollers).

Mind the Yap was having a brilliant night out there too. There was just this really positive feeling to the game. Afterwards no one was doing the whole "I could've done better" bit. Instead, it seemed like everyone seemed to have moments. That part of the game where they pushed themselves or executed a move amazingly well (MissBhaven's moment was awesome to watch!)...

It's really easy to look beyond both MissBhaven and Stone Cold Beretta. Not because they're not spectacular, but rather, they're kind of the ultra reliable meat in the sandwich. You always expect them to be out there and it's easy to take them for granted but because they always are and you don't get to see how much of a mess things are without them.

TutanKarnage and Coup D'eTalia both proved (as if any proof was needed) that they deserve their spots in the All Scars. I'd like to see TutanKarnage play a bit more as a pivot/occasional jammer this year. Coup D'eTalia showed off some amazingly big hits.

Unfortunately, because I was kind of watching the game with a "who's going to be an All Scar?" bent, I wasn't playing too much attention to VRA. Ma Mighty and Bully T James were both really amazingly big hitters. If they weren't knocking players down, they were at the very least stunning them.

The half time score was 113 PCR/62 VRA. Full time score of 233 PCR/96 VRA.

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