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In my first article earlier this year I wrote about being over 40 in Roller Derby. Since writing that article, I have joined the Derby over 40 page on Facebook which has a staggering 4075 members worldwide. Through this group there are so many inspirational men and women who are still actively involved in Derby, and I feel I need to share a little more on this subject.

Only finding Roller Derby at 39, I often asked myself “Why didn’t I find this sport sooner?” but on reading posts and threads from some truly inspirational people out there, this is not a question I ask now.

Screamin Meanie from Oregon’s Lava City Roller Dolls started Roller Derby at 44 as a complete newbie with no skating experience. She was this June’s featured skater on WFTDA website, and upon reading the feature about her and her continuing achievements at the other end of 40, I bow down to her and thank her as she, along with a few others, including Cornwall Roller Derby’s Pinta Doom who have made me realise, as long as I have the mind and fitness, I can keep doing this. My aim is to keep getting better and better and being an inspiration to others who find themselves in this elite age group and involved with Derby.

I plan to be joining the over 50’s roller derby, yes this group also has it’s place and there are currently 245 members, but I have another 9 years before I can get more of an insight to what is behind that derby door!!!

So anyone who is thinking, I am too old for this - you are not, you can keep going, just keep that mind open and those fitness levels up and those skates on!!!

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