The Best Game Ever Played

With 2014 MRDA Championships in the bag Your Mom Men’s Roller Derby out of Des Moines Iowa successfully defended their championship title.  The action was fierce and skating was phenomenal, every team did great. 


However the game of the match wasn’t the championship game it was the semifinal game that got Your Mom into the Championship.  It was against the host of the tournament the Puget Sound Outcast, and it didn’t disappoint for a 9a.m. game.  Both teams were fired up and came out strong if you were privileged to witness it live it was more than electric the crowd was fired up.  There were no bleacher seats to be had and there was standing room only.  The early morning wake up call did not keep anyone from yelling his or her faces off.  The crowd, which was mainly in favor of the Outcasts, would chant “OUTCASTS, ALL DAMN DAY!” In support of there new team and host of the tournament.


Those who watched it on I assume it did not disappoint either from the reaction of Roller Derby fans on social media calling this one of the best displays of Roller Derby, and I couldn’t agree more.


The game was so fast paced YMRD was forced to waste a timeout six jams into the game the Outcasts utilized the pivot line, disrupting the defending champions YMRD’s pace and flow, and creating mass confusion burning a timeout to settle themselves.  With the first lead change going to the Outcasts 23-22 the score was tight all half eventually ending in a tie 27-27.  The Outcasts however were not finished and completed a successful power jam racking up 13pts to YMRD 1pt


The difference makers in the first half for YMRD was “Rollomite” if you stopped him for more than a split second you were doing great becoming lead jammer was all to easy for this talented skater, However the Outcast did adapt and started punishing the opposing jammers whenever possible making them tired and sluggish.  “Cory Pain” for the Outcast was the best blocker following through on his hits and punishing YMRD whenever possible.  Leaving a halftime score of YMRD 37- 74 Outcasts both teams left it on the floor.


The second half both teams came out flying The score went back and forth the entire second half with six lead changes occurring.  The Outcast had disrupted the flow of YMRD that they were more worried in calling their own penalties than playing the game.  “Quadzilla L. K.” and “Leopard Lee Englund” were the difference makers for the Outcasts jamming effectively each time to create the six lead changes.   Penalties were the difference with the majority poor calls sending the Outcasts to the box.  The last minutes is when YMRD took over showing why they should be repeat champions with five minutes left they started pulling away YMRD 136- 128 Outcast.  With a few more lead jammers they shut the door making the final score YMRD 153- 137 Outcasts.  In my eyes, this was the championship and how I would like to see roller derby played; hits were finished, skating happened, there was no split pack or standing around like other derby I have seen.  It was clean, fast, and hard-nosed roller derby.  

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