Team West Indies: The Road to Dallas - Part 2


A few weeks down the line and hundreds of points scored later, Team West Indies have played their first open door game and are preparing to play in their first international tournament. Similar to my first article, this short piece will be a collection of my general musings about my team and our journey.

Without beating around the bush our first game was HARD! Team Ireland were a real force to be reckoned with and our inexperience of playing as a team really showed through. Undoubtedly, we all tried our best but it was hard to compete with a team who had practiced together much more. We haven’t let this dishearten us though and have lots of exciting training coming up!

It has been VERY difficult for us to find time to train of the reasons for this is that we have skaters from all over the place including: Coventry, Birmingham, Swansea, Bridgend, Peterborough, London, Croydon and Sheffield and even one from Windy City Rollers in Chicago! As West Indians, we collectively represent Jamaica, The Bahamas, St Vincent, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana and Dominica. All this mixing and matching of locations doesn't make for an easy to follow training schedule! We band together at mixed scrims and training games as often as we can, but actual team training has been scarce.

There’s one game that we have planned that I am equally nervous and excited about...we are going to be playing my home team Croydon Riot Squad in a closed door training game. I love them all dearly but playing AGAINST them is not something i'd wish on anyone! All joking aside, I know very well how this team play...some may think that would play to my advantage. However, one thing I've learnt is that it doesn't matter how other teams play if your team can’t play together. So for me I will be focusing a lot less on what the Riot girls are doing and more on what Team West Indies are doing!

We learned so much from our game against Team Ireland. I think our focus in upcoming bouts will be on maintaining strong defensive walls and as always developing strong teamwork. What has really surprised me is the resilience shown by Team West Indies, who are undoubtedly an underdog team, rather than getting down about losing games the team has rallied together and supported each other to get fitter, work harder and come back fighting!

So win or lose, we are still VERY excited about playing CRD Riot Squad, Team Wales, Team Scotland and having a rematch against Team Ireland. As always your support is always appreciated check out our fundraising page here: – everybody loves an underdog right?

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