Team West Indies Roller Derby – The Road To Dallas: Part 1

Polly Filla - Team West Indies

Here I am, listening to a rather overplayed Peter Tosh track trying to find some inspiration for this article. I’m hoping to uncover a sense of Jamaican nationalism that was hidden deep within me that will lead me to declare the overwhelming pride I feel to be able to skate for Team West Indies. What I’m starting to realise is that for me it’s all about the Roller Derby!

When you think of the West Indies, Jamaica...Barbados...The Dominican...there are lots of lovely stereotypes that spring to mind: rum, coconuts, reggae music...Roller Derby, however, is most definitely NOT on that list! Yet here we are a few months in to creating the worlds’ first West Indian Roller Derby team. Though none of us actually reside in the West Indies, we all share similar heritage and a common love for curried goat and rice and peas. We may not all have a deep-rooted understanding of our West Indian heritage or have even been to our ancestral homes (maybe that's just me?). However, what we do all have is a VERY deep-rooted love for the sport we play and having the chance to play at the world cup level is something we are all simultaneously honoured and ecstatic about and being able to do that under the name of Team West Indies makes it that more interesting.

What I realised the first time we got together to skate was that Team West Indies Roller Derby is a perfect parallel to what the West Indies is itself: a mixture of entities that are really determined to succeed but aren’t always on the same wavelength! I suppose this is the same for all national teams – each player brings with them a wealth of knowledge and skills but applying those assets to a new environment isn’t easy. We get used to playing with our home leagues - I’m a Croydon skater through and through! The next step is learning how best to play together and building up that irreplaceable team dynamic. I am so excited to see where Team West Indies can go because we have lots of awesome skaters and we have a real determination to play some amazing Roller Derby.

I guess my point is that, we all really love Roller Derby and learning to play together under the guidance of LRRs Jack Attack and SDRDs Piston Broke is a pretty big deal!! In a few weeks we take on Team Ireland in watch this space!

Yep that's all until the next one folks.

These views are all mine by the way and do not necessarily represent the views of other Team West Indies players or coaches

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