Team Ireland Roller Derby - Road to Dallas in Photos

Jemerald getting lead jammer for Team Ireland at the Road to Dallas Tournament in Wales.

Feral Fairy, from Manchester, jamming for Team Ireland against Team Scotland at the Road to Dallas Tournament in Wales.

Chemikill Hazard, of Glasgow, grinning with her teammates from Team Ireland up against Team Scotland.  She was awarded all-star blocker at the tournament.

Ireland blocker Fiona Carton eyes up Scotland jammer Marshall Lawless from Glasgow.

Jewel suffer, Team Ireland jammer, star passes to RaRa Rasputina through a mob of Team Scotland blockers.

RaRa Rasputina assumes jammer status following a successful star pass for Team Ireland.

Team Scotland put up a solid defense, giving these Irish skaters a good challenge for the December World Cup in Dallas.

Team Ireland skater Cork Rebel, out of New York, considers her next move heading into the pack.

Glasgow skater Chemikill Hazard found herself in familiar territory, battling some of her teammates in the bout against Scotland.

Fun was had by all despite Scotland handing Ireland their only loss of the tournament.  Gotham skater Rachel McAlpin, better known as Pippi Strongsocking, showed off her beautiful smile throughout the weekend.

And in case you missed it, Team West Indies and Team Wales also strutted their stuff over the weekend. 

More photos of Team Ireland and Blood and Thunder Roller Derby World Cup from 2011 and 2014 can be found on

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