Taking a Break From Skating but Staying Part of Your League - Why I’ve Kept Involved in DRD During My Pregnancy


Taking a Break From Skating but Staying Part of Your League  - Why I’ve Kept Involved in DRD During My Pregnancy


By Lindsay a.k.a Coach - Delta Burka, Dubai Roller Derby


I caught the nine month injury in April, right as our fledgling league was ramping up for our big Season 3 launch and personally, as my skating was taking off. It would have been expected that I disappeared this year – “sayonara skater, better luck next season”.


But…I didn’t do that, I didn’t bow out.


We have all seen it, time, money, injury or unforeseen circumstances taking our teammates away for a short period of time, or in some cases, permanently.


While it’s hard to see your team progressing without you, there are so many advantages to staying involved, even if you can’t skate:  


1.    Improve your personal development as a skater


You learn a lot from watching your teammates and now that you’ve got time freed up to skip endurance training, you can catch up on industry reading and bout watching. Without the ability to demonstrate, you pick up that special skill of explaining technique without skating. Your knowledge and understanding of the rules, skills, and strategy also increase tenfold.


2. Gives you a chance to check out other league roles


Who knew you’d love NSOing so much? Or that the board treasurer would be a great fit for you.  You may find that coaching, reffing, NSOing or getting involved in your league’s management or board of directors is where an untapped wellspring exists...or not? You’ve learned that too and gain some understanding of what those volunteers go through.


3. Bank some good karma


Everyone “just wants to skate”, and it’s notoriously tough to get team members to take on the running of the league and volunteer their time. When you selflessly give to your league for a period of time, you earn yourself some good league karma and a few favors from your teammates when you’re back on your skates.


4. R&R


You give yourself time to rest your body, your gear, your bank account and your mental state without becoming completely cut off from your league activity and team family. Instead of rushing to heal your injury or close out your personal issue so you can get back ASAP, you stay involved and you’re not missing out.


5. Gain a unique perspective on your league / team


You have the rare opportunity to observe your league from a different viewpoint; acquiring an invaluable perspective on team business, strategy or organization. You may spot some great ideas or areas for improvement that you can suggest, or at least get some much needed perspective on derby family telenovela-dramas.


I’ve always been Head of Training for DRD, but retiring my skates for a season let me focus 100% on coaching and the progress of our team  and as a result, the team has grown and improved tremendously. I’m so proud of them.

It’s been enlightening to spend a season not trying to divide my attention between my individual progress and that of the teams.


I have missed skating terribly during my pregnancy, but I couldn’t imagine not seeing my teammates and staying involved with the team’s training this year. I’ll be taking maternity leave and handing over the reins for a little while, but I look forward to strapping back on the pads and catching up with them as soon as I can.


Derby is more than a sport, it’s family and I can’t wait for our ‘Little Ref’ to learn the wild and wonderful world of derby.



Delta Burka

Dubai Roller Derby


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