Star City Roller Girls - Mid-Atlantic Post Tax Smacks Roller Derby Tournament

Star City Roller Girls are hosting an All Day Co-ed Roller Derby Tournament-style Event April 12th. 
There is still time to sign up and join all the roller derby awesomeness or buy a ticket and watch some amazing skaters from all over the Mid-Atlantic. 
SCRG can't wait to share its new venue, The Salem Civic Center which has room for tons of vendors and a warm up track! Each skater is guaranteed to play in at least two games and can choose between co-ed and women only bouts. 
The evening ends with championship games and the after party is going to be awesome at Thelma's Chicken and Waffles. Karaoke anyone?
So join us at this day long event of derby awesomeness.

Go here to sign up or buy tickets:

See you there!

Meecher MKR 

Star City Roller Girls

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Current new skater for WFTDA apprentice league based in Roanoke, VA called Star City Roller Girls. I will be celebrating two years of derby in June 2015. Roller Derby is a driving force in my daily life and my derby sisters are an inspiration both on and off the track.

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