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Our first skater profile for the New Year is our beloved ref and B Team Coach, Miley Si Rush…


Miley Si Rush #83

Story behind the name?

My name was given to me by a few skaters down to me worshipping at the alter of Miley Cyrus. My number is in honour of my sporting hero Sylvain Cloutier, a guy who taught me to never quit and give everything.

How did you get into derby?

My wife (real wife, not derby wife) Krueger who is a skater with HARD and I went to a bout, out of curiosity. She instantly got the derby bug. I soon followed.


Assistant Head Ref & Bench for the HARD B team.

Pre bout ritual?

If I am reffing I try and have a good breakfast and listen to some music. I will also go for a quick jog before hand to get warmed up and ready.

If I am benching then I try to chill and make sure my skaters are ready and happy.

Greatest derby moment?

My greatest Derby moment is every time I make a good call.

Benching the killer BEES(!!) for their first game was also amazing. I was so proud of every single one of them putting everything out there.

Being selected to ref for the GYSD final game and taking the trip for the Scotland double header where I pack-reffed for the first time, with an overtime jam… and didn’t die.

How has derby changed your life?

I have met some of the most wonderful, skilled, talented and beautiful people. HARD are my second family.

The future?

I’m excited to ref more games and really excited to see HARD grow and grow to be even more brilliant than they are right now.

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I have been a Referee for Roller Derby both the WFTDA and MADE rule sets with over 5 years experience.

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