South West UK League - Skate Wars: May The Fourth Be With You

The fourth was certainly at Bideford College on Sunday when an afternoon of fabulous roller derby was watched by a sell out crowd of supporters for this ever growing sport.  Roller Derby is the only sport I know where you are hitting your opponent one minute and hugging her the next!!!  

What better day could Grin 'n' Barum (GNB) have to host than May 4th and obviously, it had to be a Star Wars theme where teams and supporters alike were greeted by Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper at the entrance and Yoda and a Wookie outside the hall.  Hans Solo and Princess Leia and other Jedi Knights were on hand to look after spectators too and commentate on the game!  We are lucky enough to have some wonderful ogranising and marketing people who really worked their hearts out to make the day as awesome as it was and you know who you are so thank you very much.  

Also before I go on, the day could not have happened without the Refs, NSO’s Commentators, Officials, First Aiders so a huge thank you to you too.  Then to top it off were the sell out crowd of amazing supporters who came along and cheered on their teams.

We knew that the line up for the event would bring 2 evenly matched and close games, and I have to say the first game between Cornwall Roller Derby's (CRD) Atlantic Breakers (AB) and SWAT (South West Angels of Terror) was truly edge of your seat stuff, a real nail biter to the very end.  It was a great game to watch and both teams worked their derby socks off.  AB were leading the game up until the second to last jam when AB's jammer was held back by SWAT’s strong defensive wall and then AB’s jammer was sent to the penalty box and SWAT took the lead with a final score of 164:157.  Intense!!!  

The second game saw GNB play SRT B (Severn Roller Torrent B Team) who had never met on track before. It was a fun and well fought game by both sides, and a few times on the jam line it made me smile to myself. We are all ready for action with our game faces truly on, when that awful music came on and it was an Official Time Out. From game face, to laughing and joking on the line with each other and even some dancing to that music!!!  Whistle blows and game faces back on again, it can only happen in Roller Derby!

Again, the points difference throughout the game was close; it was anyone’s game right up to the end and I thank you SRT B for being true sports women and great competitors.  GNB took the game 150:102. I am so proud to be part of GNB and Roller Derby in general, the camaraderie between teams/refs/organizers etc is just amazing.

Bristol Bees are the next hosts for Group Y on 17th May 2014 at Thornbury Leisure Centre BS35 3JB where they take on Plymouth B and our fellow North Devon team, Devon Clotted Screamers play Dorset.

Group X next game is on 15th June in Cheltenham where SRT B are hosting and playing SWAT and GNB play CRD.

Group Y then comes back to North Devon (Bideford College) on the 28th June where the Screamers host and take on Bristol Bees and Plymouth B play Dorset.

The finals take place on 20th July at Wellsprings Leisure Centre in Taunton!

If you have never watched/heard of roller derby, please get in contact with us and will be more than happy to talk to you about it and let you know when games are on in the area, in fact there is nothing much more we like doing than talking Roller Derby!!!

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