Sasha Grazed - Skate Love (or How I learned to Stop Stressing So Much and Just Enjoy It!)

2011 wandering around Kapow Comic Con I spotted the London Rockin’ Rollers stand; I viewed from afar and slowly edged over to find out some more info. Now, I’m a tad shy so I was just going to nab a leaflet and then run away – no such luck, I’d been spotted! Within minutes I had all the info I could need and was heading out ready to order my bout tickets online.

After the first bout I was hooked, I had to get involved. So I emailed a timid “um, so I’d like to help”, and at the next bout I was handing out flyers and wrist-banding people, being adopted by Disorderlee and asking questions which must have driven her insane.

Several months down the line I found myself standing on skates at try-outs: to say I was ready to throw up is an understatement. Full of fear I shuffled round, thought I was doing OK, until I hit the ground. Hard. An ice pack and a trip to A&E later and I was off skates for four weeks; now this was where my brain freaked out.

I’m from a theatre background and if you can’t do something you’re cut. Done. Out. But with the Rockin’ Rollers? No such cutting. I could still hang around and watch. It made me want to skate more…but finally being back on them, the fear set in. I just couldn’t get comfortable. It took three weeks to feel OK on skates again.

I might have been behind and slower than the rest – training my brain not to be on toes or Pointe is odd. I can’t stop and I fall all the time, but I’m there. I’ll be the person shuffling behind the pack. I’ve fallen in love with this and I don’t think that will change.

Almost right way you’re drawn in and seen as part of this family, a crazy family, but in a way it’s perfect. Within this family you have girls from all walks of life, shapes, sizes, you name it – everyone is different. And you feel like you belong. And this is where it’s made the biggest impact on me.

Since I can remember I’ve had food issues, I’ve run the gauntlet of eating disorders and spent years hating my shape. It’s something I’m still having looked at and will take time to be fully ’over it’.

But this year, things have started to change. I know I need to be stronger, have energy and be healthy to do this. The old me wouldn’t have coped, I need those calories and I’m starting to love the new shape I’m slowly getting – and I know my doctor is happier!

Within the sport I’ve found something, great people, great support and a new part of me. I’ve been involved with the league for three years now, I wouldn’t change a single moment. These girls are now my family.

Sasha Grazed

London Rockin' Rollers

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