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I participated on Halloween weekend at the well organised and run Sci-Fight weekend in Shrewsbury hosted by Evolution Rollergirls and organised by Stephen Ramsey.  The event was a co-ed mixed scrim themed on Sci-Fi films.

Skater tickets went on sale back on the 18th July 2014 and were sold out within 3 minutes!!!  In fact the event was so popular 2 extra teams were made, making a total of 8 teams including Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Men in Black, Fifth Element, Aliens and Firefly (Serenity).  In all 134 skaters ranging from intermediate to some of the UK’s finest skaters.

The doors opened at 9:00am for registration and t-shirt collection and meeting your team mates etc - battle commenced at 10:00am where Team Fifth Element took on team Star Wars.  I was on the amazing team Fifth Element which was made up of 4 other players from my home team, Grin n Barum based in North Devon, along with some awesome skaters who gelled well together from the word go, and headed by Captain LT Damn from Team Ireland and Vice Captain Violet Attack from Birmingham Blitz Dames and the very relaxed and organised Mai as our Line up Manager and Smirkcules our Bench.  Team Fifth Element won the first game 118:16.

The day continued with perfect timings and a fabulous atmosphere, with the games as follows:

Game 2:    Star Trek 121-42 Aliens

Game 3:Battlestar 96-65 MiB

Game 4:Doctor Who 149-33 Firefly

Game 5:Fifth Element 87-48 Battlestar 

Game 6: Star Trek 70-163 Doctor Who

Game 7: Star Wars 42-98 MiB

Game 8:Aliens 126-54 Serenity (Firefly)

Game 9: Fifth Element 47-110 MiB

Game 10:  Star Trek 99- 61 Serenity (Firefly)

Game 11: Star Wars 56 - 141 Battlestar

Game 12: Aliens 91 - 52 Dr Who

The final came down to points difference and was a well fought game between Men in Black and Dr Who with the win going to Men in Black (209:145) in which another of my home team mates Memory Erase-Her (aka JCB) was in!  I am pleased to say that Team Fifth Element came 3rd overall and I would like to thank all of my team mates on the day, Line Up Manager and Bench along with Evolution Rollergirls and Stephen Ramsey for my favourite scrim event I have attended yet!  

Special thanks also to Refs, NSO’s Photographers and anyone else who made this day as awesome as it was!

Along with so many others I am looking forward to the DC v Marvel in February and hearing news of Sci-Fight 2! 

Photo of final 2 teams (MIB and Dr Who) provided by Roller Derby on Film

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