A bout report by the mysterious Zarniwoop

I have to admit I was slightly disappointed. I expected to see a duel between a black robed Darth Vader wielding a red lightsaber (Is it Sabre or Saber? To be honest it looks more like a futuristic Epee to me) versus a person in a dressing gown armed with nothing more than a towel. To be honest I know who my money would be on. I know where my towel is. 

Skaters waiting for their team to play.

Neither were there any badly parked X-Wing fighters in the car park, duly clamped by overly officious NCP attendants. Dr Who did manage to park the Tardis in the sports hall. For a Time Lord the event must really have been a non-event. The outcome already known. Great for a betting man but bad for a sports fan. I imagine being a Time Lord isn’t that great.

Anyway, as the teams took to battling for the domination of the universe on the flat track it soon became apparent that you didn’t need a massive Armada of highly gunned star ships or battalions of laser toting troops to rule the stars.

A sonic screwdriver and the ability to alter the future or a whizzy device to erase one’s memory is all you need. The final being fought out By the Time Lords and the Men in Black. The outcome? Well the scoreboard indicated that the Men in Black took the win. However, they could have easily erased the memory of the Time Lord’s, altered the score and claimed the win.

Men in Black and the Time Lords (minus Tardis).

After a long day, did it really matter who ruled the universe? Everyone was a winner after a great day and most had a long trip home exacerbated by the fact that for all their sci-fi prowess they were relegated to more mundane modes of transport. Austin Maxis, Ford Carpis and the odd plastic pig. Some had fallen even further, their Star Destroyer replaced by a Midland Mainline train. Ruling the universe isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

The teams go head to head.

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