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Grace O'Malice - DaVille Roller Derby

All roller derby teams like to push the envelope, so for a league built on the idea of community support, DaVille Roller Derby (DRD) doesn't just sit back and wait for people to approach them about community events. When they see a need, they create their own spot to fill it. "We do this because we love the community," says Devon "MistHer" Murphy at their current event. Save a Skater, Donate a Board is an annual school supplies drive geared toward the sometimes forgotten outcasts of the school community, the skaters.

At Double Decker Skate Park in Fayetteville, North Carolina, it doesn't matter what kind of wheels you roll on; skate boards, blades & quads are all accepted. And during this event, those wheels make you eligible to receive a few school supplies to lighten your financial burden for this school year. DRD and the parents of the participating skaters know that every little bit helps when it comes to the bag full of supplies they'll need. You'll often hear MistHer talking about how important this type of event is to the community, and also to the league itself. "We have to make sure to give back to the community...because, without the community we can't exist."

MistHer and wife Tanea "Feelin' Froggy" Murphy put more into the league by sponsoring these events with their own company funds. 151 Threads is always a proud sponsor of these events, along with a great team of other community supporting clubs and groups from around the Fayetteville area, like DaVille Skate Shop and Street Mob Skateboards. Also some unlikely partners such as Smokin Guns Tattoo, The Drunk Horse Pub and even Cape Beard (a beard and mustache club) one of whose members donated his time to DJ the event. And of course, skaters Love Tap, KidStars, Lil Shanksta, Marsha Mellow, Half A Hard On, MistHer, and yours truly HNSO Grace O'Malice all took some time out of their Saturday to skate and talk with the kids who showed up.

Look for this event each year if you're in the Fayetteville area, and keep a watch on the DaVille Vixens and DaVille Villains Facebook pages for other upcoming events such as their Cumberland County Fair Roller Derby Invitational & All American Clinic hosted by the ever incredible V-Diva.

Special thanks to JT DaVille for use of his skatepark for this awesome event!

Pictured L to R:Talib (14), Armel (2), dad Jeremy, MistHer, Maliki (11)

Main photo: MistHer & JT DaVille pose with some of the collected school supplies.

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Grace O'Malice is HNSO for DaVille Roller Derby out of Fayetteville, North Carolina. When she's not working the penalty box, she's learning how to skate, customizing her teammates gear & hanging out with her beautiful feline fur kid.

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