Roller Games from the 70's Reveals a Men's World Cup Surprise!

There I was looking through the pictures of the recent Mens Roller Derby World Cup and I kept seeing this guy Chow.  He had long curly hair that made me think I have seen him before.

Here is another one that gives his face a bit more light.

So now that you see him better.  Study his face, his eyebrows and his nose.  I believe those, plus his hair of course, are the most telling features.  What you didn't know about him, is that he got his start in the 1970's playing Roller Games.  While the United States was the country who started Roller Derby, it was progressed and still alive over in Japan during its down time in the States.  This Skater, who we will call #6 played for the Tokyo Bombers in Japan around the 1970s who continued the legacy of Derby forward while derby in the States had a hiatus.  

As you can see below, he still has the hair, the nose and even the mouth.  Its a pretty good match that the man above is #6 below.  Keep in mind we could be wrong, but its a really good guess if we aren't!

As you can see, because of this man and many others, Roller Derby still exists.  From what we can tell, he still has the fire inside to continue his skating career.  

Pretty Incredible huh? We could in fact even link his skates in the 1970s picture to the ones we wrote about.

If you know how we can contact him, we would love to write something about his story.  Please leave it in the comments or get in touch with Rollin News at

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Ragin' Redhead

I know how to contact him. Please email me at Happy to help.


Seems like his name is 'Hisashi Syorinji'.

According to Wikipedia, #6 is called ’Tiger Mori’ who was the coach so I'd say it's different man.