RDNation releases Windows Phone App Update!

RDNation is proud to announce its second release of its Windows Phone app.  The app dives more into the league management of RDNation and it sets it self up to be more usable to the larger crowd of users using RDNation for league management.

With over 370 leagues currently using RDNation, its about time to release some mobile apps to help them manage derby better.  So with that, the first app released is for the Windows Phone.

Internal features include:

  1. Viewing Scores
  2. Viewing Public Derby Events
  3. Viewing all the leagues signed up.
  4. Viewing all the skaters signed up.
  5. Viewing all the merchandise for sale on RDNation.

With internal features, we won't forget about the internal management features.

  1. Edit your current league.
  2. Forum functionality - Create, view and edit posts.
  3. Members functionality - View members, set permissions, skater dates, insurance numbers.
  4. Polls and Voting - Create, manage, vote and view results on the polls created by the league.
  5. Dues and Payments - Pay dues, modify dues and create new dues items.
  6. Calendar Functionality - Create events, modify, take attendance.  Its all there inside the calendar.
  7. Messaging - View messages, receive messages and create new messages.
  8. Edit Profile - Edit your personal RDNation profile.

There were features in RDNation we didn't have time for, but we included links to those pieces of functionality.

  1. Contact Management.
  2. Documents Management.
  3. Jobs Management.
  4. Inventory Management.
  5. Sponsor Management.
  6. Shops Management.
  7. Personal Settings.
  8. Personal Medical history.
  9. Personal contacts.
  10. Bout Challenges - Used for finding bouts to play at.
  11. Official Requests - Used for finding officials to ref your games.

We hope you like the first release of the Windows Phone app which can be found by just typing RDNation on the windows market place.  Android and iPhone are next up!

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DOB: 4/29/1984
Leagues: Bio:

I have been a Referee for Roller Derby both the WFTDA and MADE rule sets with over 5 years experience.

I am now the Owner of RDNation.com.

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have you considered a handheld app that would allow the penalty tracker to electronically input penalties as they are reported, feeding a database for other app users to read?  Announcers, fans, the scoreboard operator, and the like?  I have not been able to gain traction for Thor's Hammer scoreboard, unfortunately, but possibly a handheld app that would feed Thor's Hammer?


Our R&D staff at RDCL is working on this very concept, except not in handheld form.  We are using an iPad to input penalties that then relays that info to the Announcer only.  Our scoreboard operator is using a powerpoint clicker to do timing and scoring, in conjuction with a laptop on the infield.  We're moving forward with eliminating banked track NSO positions with automation!  If you can beat us to it on the flat track, and using handheld apps, PLEASE DO!  We'll meet you in the middle!