Pirate City Rollers Broadside Brawlers vs. Mount Militia Derby Crew Dangerous Curves 28th June, 2014

The Pirate City Rollers showed off their all new shiny team - complete with a brilliant new logo and some merch to match - Broadside Brawlers. Unfortunately, the bout only seemed to be promoted via social media and lacked PCR's usual flair i.e. the city wasn't pasted with posters. A brand new team with 5 brand new players, a couple of low rotation players from the PCR's premiere side, The All Scars (Missbhaven, Velvet Hammer and Kid Vicious), and the rest: a ragtag of various experience and skill levels.

I've been looking forward to seeing Mount Militia Derby Crew's premiere team, Dangerous Curves. I'd heard nothing but great things about them. They're a small (10 players at this game), hard hitting team with 2 players in the Team New Zealand Derby Roller Derby training squad (the team hasn't yet been finalised). Dangerous Curves are a well established and amazingly cohesive team.

And therein lay the crux of this bout. A new side, with quite a few inexperienced players, against a well established team. Dangerous Curves came off to a 24 point lead in the first jam. This isn't indicative of the game at all, but did give the Broadside Brawlers somewhat of a hill to climb straight out of the gate. The Broadside Brawlers looked to be getting into a rhythm - closing the gap from 5-54 (end of the 4th jam) to 40-76 by the 9th jam. The 10th jam was a non-scoring one and this is when the Brawlers seemed to cut Dangerous Curve's momentum at the knees using one of their time outs. This resulted in a 56-141 (to Dangerous Curves) score by half time. The entire first half was plagued with back block penalties. I'm hoping to get my hands on the game stats as I think it'll make for some interesting game statistics (I'm undecided as to whether I amend them to this write up or do a whole new "let's look at the stats for this game" write up - assuming I can get my hands on them).

The second half revealed few surprises. There was a change of tactics from the Broadside Brawlers who had some moderate success with more active offence though this was often plagued with communication issues. Being their first game, this isn't at all surprising and actually leaves me with a feeling of excitement in anticipation of what the team is going to be like 6 months/a year from now.

If there was ANY doubt whatsoever that roller derby is a full contact sport, this was the game to watch. Dangerous Curves wasted absolutely no time in catching the Broadside Brawler's jammers unawares and forming up into 3 side block formations giving the Broadside Brawler's jammers no where to go but to cut the track. This also meant that often they had too much momentum and so often ended up cutting the track themselves.

Schro Ding Her from the Broadside Brawlers was a crowd favourite. My eye was on Dangerous Curve's Crash Candy Boot - who was a blocking force to be reckoned with (not someone I'd want to annoy). She's in Team NZ along with Hellvetica who's a bit of an all rounder (Fantastic pivot). PCR's Missbhaven showed herself to be a pretty good jammer - a position she doesn't play often. Dangerous Curve's Hurricane Katrina did more damage on the track than her namesake.

The final score:
Mount Militia Dangerous Curves 245 - Pirate City Rollers Broadside Brawlers 117

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