Pirate City Roller Teaser Video

A really cool teaser promo for what will end up being a 1 minute promo from Auckland, New Zealand's Pirate City Rollers. Reminds me alot of the Texas rollergirl promos that came out last year which utilized what I think is one of the Phantom cameras which can do like 2000 frames per second but cost about $50,000. These days a lot of prosumer cameras can shoot 60 frames per second which when combined with some plugins can produce some great slow motion shots for pretty cheap. 

I really look forward to seeing the full promo, I've talked with one of the people who helped put this together and seems it'll be more in the same style. 

Kevin Twitch is a professional videographer, producer, editor and writer who has produced videos for the Atlanta Rollergirls for over 4 years. With over 65 under his belt, twitch has handled basic highlight reels, season teasers, music video parodies, recruitment videos and even "puppy derby." kevinborke.com

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A newer, fuller version is out:


It's also got a tantalizing "Part 1" in it's title so... expect more!