Pirate City Broadside Brawlers vs. Richter City Convicts - 15 November, 2014

This evening was set to be a double header. Unfortunately the second bout had to be called off due to weather conditions and a leaky roof at the venue (resulting in puddles on the track).

There was a little bit of confusion around the game. I kept being told that it was the Broadside Brawlers first home game. For anyone who's been following me, you'll know that my last game write up was on the Broadside Brawlers... Playing on their home turf. So what was going on? It turns out that most of the Broadside Brawlers hadn't played in that home game. They'd only passed their skills test in August. With the influx of new players, this also meant they didn't have the benefit of the more experienced crossover players as well as having Schro Ding Her was off with a broken leg. This really was quite a different team than the one I saw back in June.

Richter City Convicts, by comparison, I'm told, have 3 or 4 crossover players - including Meat Train (if you've been following roller derby in New Zealand, that name probably seems familiar).

So it was always going to be a huge uphill battle for the Broadside Brawlers. And it showed. The Convicts showed a breadth of experience in their strategies. For example, they quite often had their jammer blocking right off the whistle. This worked to great effect and almost always earned them lead jammer. At one point it lead to a full track recycle.

Mind the Yap, from the Broadside Brawlers, proved herself to be a promising jammer, though curiously she was played as a pivot rather than a jammer. Stone Cold Beretta also showed a depth that I found a little surprising - though given that it's been 6 months since I last saw her play, it probably shouldn't be that surprising.

Meat Train showed a depth of experience though admittedly in a position she has stated is not her strongest suite (jammer). Burn Witch Burn and Gritty Kitty rounded out an almost unstoppable jammer line up. Burn Witch Burn proved herself to be quite a force, managing to punch her way through the pack whereas Gritty Kitty had a much more graceful, and often surprising, ability to find the line.

This game was played within the pack in it's entirety though unfortunately my I felt my attention wane. Thus I wasn't able to pick up on the outstanding blockers (I apologise). All I can say really is that the blockers of the Convicts did an outstanding job of shutting down the efforts of the Broadside Brawlers' jammer.

The half time score was 45-247. Full time, 61-538.

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Hi, not to take away from Gritty Kitty, but don't you mean RCRD's crossover skater, Volcanic Ash?