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I have been a referee for Roller Derby five years now.  I know in retrospect, thats not much time but with 5 years of derby comes joining of facebook groups I never knew existed.  If I were to count, I can say that I am apart of well over 100 roller derby groups all over the web.  Many of those groups are in fact referee groups.  I know of five off the top of my head that I frequent on a regular basis.  The top three are referee groups.  Within the groups, there is always one type of posts that is scattered through out.

One referee or another is looking for more referees to staff their bout.  Not just referees, but Non Skating Officials.  Every league seems to always be in need of officials.  So while those facebook groups are sporadically regionized through out the world, I thought of bringing in those posts or request for officials right into RDNation.  With over 370 leagues now apart of RDNation, we should be able to help staff those bouts with members of the roller derby community.

So we built a place inside RDNation specifically for staffing bouts.  You don't need to be apart of a league to access it, nor do you even need a subscription, but this will hopefully ease some of the pain leagues and head referees/NSOs go through when staffing bouts. 

To get started adding and viewing a request, all you need to do is sign up and login.  Once in, in the upper right under games, you will see a referee icon.  Just click on it to get started.  Anyone can add a new request and you even have the ability to make contact with the owner through RDNation as well.  Keeping everything internal and in one place is great for everyone!

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I have been a Referee for Roller Derby both the WFTDA and MADE rule sets with over 5 years experience.

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