Officials For the Blood and Thunder World Cup

Congratulations to all of the officials chosen to keep things safe, consistent, filled with stripes, whistles, clicky pencils, and possibly some of the most boring afterparty discussion (unless you enjoy debating the nuances of what constitutes "immediate"or ""),

at the Blood and Thunder World Cup

**For all you fellow officials now checking to see if is a rule; I have no idea. I just pulled that out of my...elbow pad.

SKATING OFFICIALS (The necessary voices for those clicky pencils and paperwork provided by the other 50% that make up 'Team Officiating'):

HR: Reverend Riot
Fu Man Drew
Code Adam
Keiran Duncan
Jean-Quad Grand Slam
Glenn af Ordning
Von Sleaze

Acid Barrett
Fluke Skywalker
Old Maverick
Wonder Zebra
Vincent Van Gore
Rage Appropriate

HR: Shref
TestosteRon Jeremy
The Albino Wookie
The Hoarse Whisperer
Penny Whistler
Kurz So Good
Miss Trial

HR: Righteous Oxide
Crash Test Ref
Lord Lextalt
Dirty Harry
Kat A Kilzem
Von Schafer

HR: Dr. No-No
Corbin Cojones
Igor Maniac
A Clockwork Ref
Tre Cruel
Nerd Herder

HR: Effin Ref
Fat Rat
Metal Ed
Matt Newton (formerly M Dawg)
Agatha Power 'tum tum'
Rolling Rat

NON-SKATING OFFICIALS (aka the memory banks of roller derby):

Pussy Panzerfaust: [CHNSO/IWB]
The Sharmanator [JT]
Shocker Pepper [PT/PW]
N. Vaidya Space (NVS) [SK]
Rowan De Boate [SK]
Danger Russ [SO]
Ivan Ho [LT]
War Kitten [LT]
Bladeybug [PBM]
LindaLov [PBT]
Time Lord [PBT]

Coch Less Monster: [CHNSO/IWB]
Hard G [JT]
Ragna Rock [PT/PW]  
Crimson N Clobber [SK]
Lady Jekyll [SK]
Jesse Jams [SO]
Linda Yarborough [LT]
SGT Major [LT]
Thurston Gore [PBM]
Ben Wa [PBT]
Kirahvi [PBT]

Plenty O'fficial: [CHNSO/IWB]
Doc Skinner [JT]
Pettichoke [PT/PW]
Record Breaker [SK]
Rules Verne [SK]
Seán-Quad [SO]
Nurse Baumwollen [LT]
*Roaming Lineup Tracker*
Sho'Nuff [PBM]
Iron Dan [PBT]
La Fée C. [PBT]

Snippysnap:  [CHNSO/IWB]
Wizard of Laws [JT]
Travis Sickle [PT/PW]
Turtle [SK]
Kiki de Vil [SK]
Izzy Pop [SO]
Yareni [LT]
*Roaming Lineup Tracker*
Ruth of All Evil [PBM]
Steven Evatt [PBT]
Kul HO [PBT]

Hi Refinition [CHNSO/IWB]
Dr. Stevel [JT]
Krystal Vice [PT/PW]
PackMan [SK]
Sweetie Todd [SK]
Mazuzu [SO]
El Huracan [LT]
KaosBob [LT]
Molotov Rawktail [PBM]
Chiro-Fracture [PBT]
Puppy Shredder [PBT]

And a well-deserved special thanks for those NSOs who pull double, sometimes triple duty, or are ready at the gate if needed:

India Pale Al [CHNSO/ALT/Stats]
Barney Trubble [ALT/Stats]
Hung Solo [ALT/Stats]
Maully Golightly [ALT/Stats]
Miss Birdy [ALT/Stats]
Patsy Stonewall [ALT/Stats]
Shot [ALT/Stats]

Infinite Justice

Matt Tracker

Merrydeath  McKaos

Nine Inch Wheels


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