Night of the living Derby a Triple header BRDL VS SRDL HOUSE TEAMS #ishootrubbys

Event Poster

The announcers for the event, "Kinky Charlie SRDL" and the lovely "Curb Stompin Coleshaw" who recently hung up the skates and has kept herself active in the derby atmosphere in Saskatchewan. 

Battlefords Roller Derby League signs the National Anthem during opening ceremonies

Voodoo Vixen Jammer fighting her way thru the pack against Battleford's Roller Derby League

"Chevy Impaleya" 

"Sassy" taking the inside to clear the pack

"Abolisher" showing "Booty" what she learnt as a Junior Skater,  Abolisher recently made the transition from Juniors to Adult Roller Derby in Saskatoon.

Jammer Chase between "Booty"(black) and 'Chevy Impaleya"(blue)

"Hang 11"  keeping a close eye on the pack as the games Head Ref.             

"Sideshow" and her team mates celebrate a last jam come back forcing a over time Jam!

"Spanx GiviN"  celebrates as her team the Voodoo Vixens from Saskatoon Roller Derby League win the first game of the night in  overtime! 

All three teams that played on this night telling everyone that they love Roller Derby!

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I have Been  documenting roller derby for four and a half years. I mainly shoot the prairie provences in Canada, here is the list of the 40 leagues I have shot

i have shot the RDAC Nationals Tournament, Flat Track Fever 2013, Team Canada's Central Region Try Outs.  I am currently the bout photographer for BRDL-Battleford's Roller Derby League who are from (North)Battleford Saskatchewan.

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