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Countess of Monte Fisto - Rocky Mountain Roller Girls

Easter 2014 marks the 2 year anniversary of me starting Roller Derby. It feels like so much longer due to my long lasting curiosity about the sport and it’s players. The rules seemed too complicated for any outsider watching teams execute them with ease over and over again. For me, Derby was a transforming world taking the “average” woman and making her into a total body-bashing bad ass.

        Staying upright on skates was the only skill I had when trying out in 2012. I was practicing on a torn hamstring my first month thanks to playing soccer for my high school team but pushed through it to learn what I needed to do to make the cut. Working through the difficulties of learning new moves in roller derby was really the beginning of the most normal thing in anyone’s derby career: falling. The reputation of my future team and coaches expected more of everyone who was dubbed a “newbie” upon entering the warehouse. Pushing physical limits to the very boundary every week was required, never given the option to quit. The phrase “blood, sweat and tears” became real when skating, except tears (crying wasn’t allowed unless dead or dying). Our challenged mental state forced us to become tougher, molding all of us into the newest skaters of the Rocky Mountain Roller Punks Might Club, the best junior roller derby team in Colorado lead victoriously by my first coach, Dangey.

Dangerous Leigh ‘son was and still is a fierce spitfire, setting rigorous rules that forced the team to become better under any circumstance. Her expectations were high and her unparalleled character carried the team to blowout victory after blowout victory. Dangey’s legacy of no-holds back, mind over body, and no prisoners lives on through senior skaters on the team today. Her mentality was tough but made the team great. Dangey instilled her rules in my head from day one and repeatedly told me “ You’re big with long legs. Scare the shit out of them.” Dangey showed me that it was perfectly acceptable to be a tenacious, passionate player while being sarcastic and witty. Dangey is without a doubt one of the best people I have ever met.

As all good things do, roller derby has come to a protesting halt in my life. Near the beginning of the year, I acquired news that I needed surgery to fix a labral tear and bone spur in both of my hips. The only way to fix this issue is to have surgery through a scope where the socket and ball of my hips are shaved into a better fitting shape and my labral muscles would have to be pinned back together. Having my first surgery March 17th was not the highlight of my spring break at all. All in all, I have been forced off of my skates for the next year for recovery time. My last bout on November 24th was the anniversary of my very first derby bout. It’s a bitter, unwanted end to this very faithful skater. My team is my family and my support system going through surgery and recovery. I, Elida Schultz, better known as the Countess of Monte Fisto while on the track, have a still beating and battling derby heart.

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