Men's Roller Derby World Cup is the Event to see this Year!

The Men's Roller Derby World Cup is rapidly approaching, with some of the most exciting derby on offer this year!

With a round-robin and knockout combination format, this event will pit teams from across the world against each other.  This format offers a great combination of matchups, as well as guaranteeing that every team will find itself in a semi-final for at least one of the trophies up for grabs.  Most tournaments have one or maybe two, the Men's World Cup has four!

With two streams per track, the Men's World Cup will be announced in seven languages, two at a time!  English will be heard every bout, with the other feed using Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Japanese, or Welsh depending on which teams are playing.  Derby is a global sport, this tournament treats it that way!

Fifteen nations represented on the track make this tournament the biggest yet for international roller derby.  The furthest, Australia, will have traveled over 90% of the way around the world to get to the event.  Besides competitors, an event of this magnitude requires 88 officials and over a hundred volunteers, announcers, and technical staff.  This tournament even has its own satellite truck to ensure the stream works!

Personally, I can't wait to see this get under way.  Even the opening ceremony will be exciting!  (Word to the wise, flip over to the alternate language feed for that one)  Will you be there?  Will you be watching online?  Let us know, we'd love to hear from you!

Stat Man
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Stat Man is an announcer, tournament planner, and analyst.  He proudly chairs the MRDWC, as well as planning broadcasts and keeping people informed about derby at all levels.

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