Men's European Cup 2014 - August 30th & 31st

Hosted by Tyne and Fear Roller Derby, the Men's European Cup Took place in Newcastle, UK on Aug. 30-31

Carrnage of the Crash Test Brummies lines up against Panam Squad's Aligator.

Southern Discomfort's Mr Furieux nimbly avoids Hayes of South Wales Silures.

A desperate star pass from the New Wheeled Order jammer as they battle against Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder.

Quad Guard blockers look to hinder Poupa Test's movement through the pack.

Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder's Sully shows just how to execute an apex jump.

The Crash Test Brummies hug after the final whistle.

Panam's Monkey Bizness and Brutal Delux dish up a jammer sandwich on Quad Guard's Bravehurt.

Reanimated Gif tumbles in front of Shrooms and Reaper.

New Wheeled Order and Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder entertain the crowd during their warm up.