Meet Team West Indies For The World Cup Of Roller Derby

How long have you been skating together as a team?

I wanna say about 6 months all in at this point - it took us a really long time to get everyone together because we're not all from the same place and we don;t even LIVE in the same place. We had to have moist of our training with Mah-Ko as she skates in Chicago and is based in the US. she joined us for the tournys that we played.

How many leagues are represented in Team West Indies? 

Quite a few from London Rockin' Rollers and Birmingham Blitz Dames, Coventry City Derby Dolls, Borderland Brawlers, Windy City, Croydon Roller Derby, Sheffield Steel Roller Derby, Cardiff Roller Collective, Swansea City Roller derby. I think I got everyone!

I know you've had the opportunity to play any other National teams in the lead up to the WC, what were those like? Do you feel they've prepared you for what is to come? 

That first tournament in Dublin was truly a baptism of fire, I will say that, haha. I think we got wigged out by the event and we just didn't keep it together very well. I don't know who would when faced with Lil Pain from Boston derby Dames and Cork Rebel from Gotham. As a result the scoreline wasn't be exactly what we would've liked (understatement).

We did try though to not put to put too much pressure on ourselves for the Road To Dallas tourny in Wales, we knew we were working better as a unit than we had done before. We know that we had a good mindset but I think we surprised a lot of people when we beat Wales.
Next game and the next aim was to lower the point differential of the last Ireland which we managed to do and were very pleased.

We're off the mindset that there is no such thing is an easy game, especially when teams are unknown as 2 of the teams in our group are to us. 

Do we feel prepared? 

As much as we can be.

Do you have any bout day rituals? 

Rituals not so much, habits, yeah. I like to have some eggs for breakfast and i will listen to some music before the game, usually Danko Jones (aggressive but not too fast). 

How do you feel about the bracket you're in? 

Good! Team Sweden will no joke of course but we don;t know too much about Teams Japan and Chile and are excited to se how those games pan out.

Oldest and youngest skaters? 

I'm the oldest (41). We've got a bunch of girls in their early/mid 20s though so we're not all decrepit.

How are your fundraising efforts going?

Fair - we've had a raffle that went well and we've doing little bits and pieces. However, with so many people fundraising for their teams or their own personal travel, people have so much choice of who to give their hard earned money to it was always going to be a bit of a challenge.
Still time to donate to our Go Fund Me though which is here: 

Anything else you'd like the derby world to know about Team West Indies?

Nah, I don't wanna give anything away. They have to see us for themselves.

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