Meet Team Wales For The World Cup Of Roller Derby

How many leagues are represented in Team Wales?

We have twelve leagues represented. It's a real mix as well. We have skaters from some big, established leagues like London Roller Girls, Birmingham Blitz Dames and Tiger Bay right through to much younger teams like Neath Port Talbot. We have skaters from right across the UK too - from as far north as Newcastle (only 60 miles south of the Scottish border) and Sheffield and skaters who travel from London as well as skaters who travel from North Wales down to Cardiff.

Did you have difficulty getting everyone together for training sessions?

Because of the dedication of the squad, no, we didn't. But did those skaters have difficulty getting themselves to training? Absolutely. They have driven from the early hours of the morning, some of the them have flown, they have spent their money on petrol, flights and bad coffee to make sure that they can give Team Wales the dedication they think it deserves. They are AWESOME.

How do you feel about the bracket you're in and who are you most excited to play in the tournament?

We're thrilled with the bracket we are in. It looks tough. Scandinavia have a disproportionate amount of fantastic derby skaters so we are excited to get the chance to play Norway. South Africa are a mystery to us, which is always an exciting prospect and New Zealand... what can I say? You may be aware of a small amount of rugby rivalry between the two nations - we can't wait to extend that to the derby track. Let's make no mistake about it, we have a tough draw in our group, but that's exactly what every team wants. To play great derby we can be proud of against great opponents. 

Any interesting bout day rituals?

Everyone has their own way of preparing. I have noticed that for Wales games I can't settle until I have listened to both Rammstein and a male welsh voice choir singing Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau (our national anthem). That is something you should look out for - the Welsh fans will be in fine voice and they carry a large amount of inflatable welsh symbols. Dragons, Daffodils, Leeks (yes, the vegetable...)

How is your fundraising going? 

We have been overwhelmed with the response so far - people have been so generous. But our team have made some real sacrifices to make this happen - including financial ones. So if anyone can find a quid or two down the back of our sofa, it will mean the world to us. 

Anyone we should be looking out for on TW?

It's really hard to say - everyone on track has such an important place and they do fantastic things. The crowd won't be able to spot all of that good work. But I bet they will enjoy the jamming power of Mort, and the big blocks from Optimus. I hope the real star will be our team work though, because that is what we have been working on all year. 

Anything else you'd like the derby world to know about TW?

We're delighted to be here. This is our first year as a national squad. Every ounce of support - every cheer, every tweet will lift our hearts a little higher so go ahead and show us some love. #followthefire (boom boom boom can I hear you say Wales? WAALLLEEESSS). Finally - if you should 'OGGY OGGY OGGY' anywhere near a welsh supporter, you will get answered with 'OI OI OI'. That's always good fun....

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