Meet Team Netherlands For The World Cup Of Roller Derby

How many leagues are represented in Team Netherlands?

5 dutch leagues are represented, out of a total of 16 women's leagues in the country. Amsterdam Derby Dames, Eastside Rock 'n Rollers (Enschede), Rotterdam Roller Derby, Dom City Dolls (Utrecht), Rock City Rollers (Eindhoven). The 6th league is represented by Dundee Roller Girls from Scotland.

I know you've had the opportunity to play any other National teams in the lead up to the WC, what were those like?

Whippin' Red Siren 284 (co-captain): We played France and Belgium before the summer. And we also played them and Wales at the European Tournament in Mons, Belgium in September, where a total of 8 national teams tested their strengths against each other. We were very happy to win against Wales, but knew that Belgium was going to be tough to beat. We played very well, but the Belgians were stronger and took the win again. The first time against France was an enormous battle, so when we had to face them again, we knew we had to step up our game. And we did! We performed well and kept the point differential a lot smaller than the first time. That tournament we were very proud to end in fourth place.

Furrrocious 105 (co-captain): I think we have been very fortunate to be able to play two bouts against France and Belgium and the European tournament. It was a great way of preparing for the World Cup. To be able to go up against different countries of different skill levels. We were able to identify our weaknesses and work on them. And it brought us together as a team more then anything!

The W.E.T. tournament last weekend featured skaters from many nations competing in the WC all skating for their home teams. This bodes well for the European teams going to Dallas. 

Would you care to make any predictions?

Whippin' Red Siren: The roller derby I saw happening during WET was amazing! All the teams had skaters on national teams and well deserved. With a few of those teams having skated in the U.S. this past year at Beach Brawl, ECDX and D2 Champs, they are definitely bringing so much skill and sportswomanship. I would not be surprised to see England of course, but also Finland, France, Germany and Sweden end in the top 10.

Furrrocious: I think Germany could really surprise people. I think nobody had expected them to do so incredibly well against France. It was the most exciting game at the European Tournament.

Do you have any bout day rituals?

Whippin' Red Siren: eat well, do some visualization exercises and put the red line on my face.

Furrrocious: Have a nice balanced meal, do everything together with the team, so warming up together off skates as well as on skates, and really bringing the team together as much as possible.

How do you feel about playing Team USA?

Whippin' Red Siren: excited mostly, ready to get some points on the board for us. We will be able to say we played team USA!

Furrrocious: SO STOKED!!! Playing team USA is like a dream come true. Yes, its scary as hell, but also super exciting. And I think we will get a good kick start in the tournament by facing the strongest opponents first. We will learn so much from this game.

Oldest and youngest skaters?

Oldest: 42 (Yay for derby over 40!)Youngest: 23

How are your fundraising efforts going?

Whippin': We have done a lot of fundraising efforts. We have skated long distances for money, sold raffle tickets, different leagues have donated from their fundraising, we put on a sign up scrimmage, 4 of our skaters coached a bootcamp, we have received really nice gear and uniforms from sponsors, and of course a GoFundMe page:

Anything else you'd like the derby world to know about Team Netherlands?

Whippin: We are ready for the adventure of the World Cup and we are sure to surprise the world. See you on the track!.

Furrrocious: Orange Orange Nothing Rhymes with Orange! TEAM NEDERLAND!

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