Meet Team England For The World Cup Of Roller Derby

How many leagues are represented in Team England? – Well, this is a tricky one.
At the time of writing we have the following in the Training Squad:
·         London Rollergirls*
·         London Rockin Rollers
·         Tiger Bay Brawlers*
·         Glasgow Roller Derby*
·         Middlesbrough Milk Rollers*
·         Manchester Roller Derby
·         Nashville Rollergirls*
·         Rainy City*
·         Sheffield Steel
·         Royal Windsor Rollergirls*
·         Seaside Siren Rollergirls* 

At the start of the year the list was slightly different (add in Dublin, take out Glasgow). Those with an asterix next to them will be attending the RDWC in an official capacity (roster, coach or manager).
I know you've had the opportunity to play any other National teams in the lead up to the WC, what were those like? Do you feel they've prepared you for what is to come?

So far we’ve played Canada, France & Sweden.  All of the games brought with them different challenges, I think the most highly anticipated was England v Canada as they pipped us to the silver medal in 2011 – we beat them this time around, but that was back in February, so it’s certainly not given us anything to be complacent about.

How are your fundraising efforts going? 

Fundraising has been steady, however it’s a saturated market – all the “Home Nations” plus Team West Indies are competing for a similar target audience, when you add to that significant fundraising campaigns from amazing teams such as London Rollergirls, Tiger Bay and Southern Discomfort, it‘s understandable that people begin to suffer from fundraising fatigue!
The news that Sport England may look to consider grants for “non-Olympic” sports has come too late for this World Cup campaign, we’ll still keep our fingers crossed for future England Squads however.

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