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A sellout Baltimore crowd saw 7th-ranked Carolina give Charm City’s
upstart, unranked Mobtown Maulers a rough introduction to the world of
top-tier roller derby, knocking off the ladies from Baltimore 140-72 in
what was Charm City’s first WFTDA-sanctioned bout, and only their third
interleague bout. The Mobtown Maulers were coming off a 244-61
demolition of the Dominion Derby Girls in November, but Carolina was
coming off a string of big interleague victories in 2006 that had
culminated in a 100-90 upset of 4th-ranked Arizona Roller Derby in
December, establishing them as one of the premier flat-track leagues in
the nation. Both teams came into the bout missing one of their star
jammers, with Carolina’s Roxy Rockett not on their roster this time out
and Charm City’s Betty Beatdown nursing a shoulder injury. With the
Maulers’ Ivana E. Chabrains and Mercy Less also injured, the bout
featured the interleague debut of alternates Roxy Toxic and Sizzle-leen.

The Maulers stuck with Carolina for the first couple of jams. Lady
Quebeaum managed to sneak in a point right before Teflon Donna was able
to call the first jam early, and then on the following two-minute jam,
the Maulers’ Joy Collision put up 7 points to Eris Discordia’s 10,
making the score Carolina 10, Charm City 8. That was as close as the
game would ever be, though, as Carolina’s Betty Rumble blew right
through the Maulers’ defense on a 9-0 jam over Buzz Kill and Princess
America followed that up with a cheeky 10-4 jam over Lady Quebeaum,
leaving the Maulers looking up from a 29-12 hole. Carolina continued to
build their lead for the remainder of the period, often cannily calling
off jams right before the Maulers’ jammers would reach the pack for
their scoring pass. At the end of the first period, the score stood at
Carolina 62, Charm City 22.

While the Maulers couldn’t quite turn the tide, they did hold their own
in the second period, utilizing much better pack maintenance and having
some success separating the Carolina blockers from their pivots, which
had the result of often springing the Maulers’ jammers from the pack on
20-foot violations. On the last five jams of the second period, the
Maulers picked up lead jammer status 4 out of 5 times and used it very
effectively, holding Carolina to just 2 points while putting up 11 of
their own. While Carolina’s lead had grown to 92-46 by the end of the
second period, it was an entirely different story than the first, with
Carolina scoring 30 points to Charm City’s 24.

The rock-solid Teflon Donna was Carolina’s most reliable jammer, but the
Maulers seemed to have particular trouble with the diminutive and
lightning-quick Eris Discordia and Princess America, who were both often
jamming so close to the ground that shoulder checks were extremely
difficult to land. It was Eris who delivered a big 10-0 jam over Lady
Quebeaum on the 27th jam of the night, kicking off a 29 to 11 Carolina
run over the next five jams. Carolina’s impressive stamina helped them
immensely in this period, as they were consistently able to re-engage
the Maulers’ jammers before they were able to cleanly break free of the
pack, never letting Charm City get in a second scoring pass. On the
final jam of the bout, Carolina started off with their jammer in the
penalty box, but it didn’t stop the Baltimore crowd from rising to its
feet as Lady Quebeaum put up 4 final points for the Maulers to bring the
final score to Carolina 140, Mobtown Maulers 72, letting out a roar of
appreciation for a tenacious performance against some of the toughest
competition that roller derby has to offer.

Team leading scorers in the bout were Carolina’s Teflon Donna, who was
responsible for 42 points on 9 jams — a hair ahead of Eris Discordia’s
41 points on 7 jams — and the Mobtown Maulers’ Joy Collision, who
picked up 24 points on 8 jams. Charm City’s next bout will be an away
game against the Philly Roller Girls on January 20th, while Carolina
kicks off their 2007 intraleague season on January 21st with a
round-robin tournament featuring their three home teams.

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