Make It Less Scary - An intimate look at Bat Cat from The DC Demon Cats.

For as long as I've been shooting derby it seems like there's always a steady stream of student docs or featurettes on specific teams - which are great in two ways. First off, it's a great subject for an up and coming filmmakers to take on because it's full of really interesting and diverse people and centered around an awesome and dynamic sport. Secondly since roller derby is still sort of pushing into the mainstream it provides great local content to send out and get people to learn more about the sport.

This video I thought was one of the better ones I'd seen in a long centers around 1 skater. Bat Cat from the DC Demon Cats and her struggle to play the sport. It's really touching and well shot and much as I love the wham bam high action pieces I think these very intimate stories are really amazing to see because they're going on in every league around the world. With most major sports there is an element of celebrity to it all that creates a very large distance between the players and fans...making it far less interesting and "human" than I think it should be. With Roller Derby, it really eliminates that issue because these are people from all over the community...teachers, doctors, bartenders, scientists, architects, preachers, whatever...and they all have really amazing stories to tell.

Make It Less Scary from raraRed9 on Vimeo.

Kevin Twitch is a professional videographer, producer, editor and writer who has produced videos for the Atlanta Rollergirls for over 4 years. With over 65 videos under his belt, twitch has handled basic highlight reels, season teasers, music video parodies, recruitment videos and even "puppy derby."

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