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August has been a slow month for Roller Derby in the UK, well at least for myself. Many teams I work with taking time off to recharge the batteries, giving skaters time to get away and take a break, which has left me pretty bereft of images for this month. I didn’t think pictures of ducks goats and other animals from the local city farm would have cut it. But don’t fear, with the continuation of the Northern League and the Great Yorkshire Showdown normal service will be resumed.

With this in mind I thought I’d go back though the archive and publish some images from the first Roller Derby World Cup. As the second World Cup grows closer and as the excitement about this event grows I decided to look back at some of the images I shot in Toronto. It also allows me to re-assess what I captured and help me improve for the next event. And I’ve realised I’ve learnt a hell of a lot over the past three years.

Here’s to the second World Cup, which, if it is anything like the first will be a hell of a lot of fun, a great atmosphere and a chance for me to catch up with people I’ve not seen for ages. All points converge on Dallas. See you there.

So below is a selection from the first World Cup.

The opening ceremony of the first World Cup. I believe everyone was watching New Zealand do the Haka.

Team Scotland at the opening ceremony.

The USA/USA exhibition bout.

France take on Brasil.

Finland go head-to-head with Sweden.

Sweden against Australia.

England take on Canada.

The World Cup in progress.

Sweden against Finland.

Scotland celebrate.

Jamming for Australia.

Jamming for Sweden.

Canada versus the USA in the final. The USA eventually taking the win.

Canada celebrate.

And of course, the after party.

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