JRDA's Skater of the Month - February 2015

(Photo Credit with Permission:  https://www.facebook.com/davewoodphotography)

Skater Name: Skully
Skater Number: 8
Southern Colorado JRD
Jammer, Pivot, Blocker

"Meet Skully! Team captain for SoCo JRD. This is Skully's 4th season with SoCo, she is one of only a few left from our original team that started in 2011. She welcomes everyone with open arms and a warm smile no matter of their skill level. She is a true leader on the track and off. She is a role model to our team as they all look up to her. She is an amazing skater, her favorite position is jammer and with her "fast" skating skills she can rack up the points. But she believes that to be a" good player" you must know how to play all the positions of derby. I can count on her to give 100% no matter what is asked of her. And that's why she is team captain.

Skully is in the 8th grade and is a straight "A" student. She not only plays derby but is on a Inline Speed skate and Ice Speed skate teams, her goal is to one day is to compete in the Olympics. Not to mention that she also plays volleyball for her school.

Skully is a true athlete and a wonderful person I'm proud to have her on our team!!!"


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