JRDA's Junior Roller Derby World Cup

The Junior Roller Derby Association announced this year that it would provide young skaters a chance to compete for their country by offering a Junior Roller Derby World Cup in the Seattle, WA area July 8-9, 2015. 

In order to determine team selection for each country, the JRDA published its recommended tryout process for each country's organizers to use for evaluating these young athletes.  The intent of this publication was to allow each country to develop their athletes similarly to make for a better show of athletic abilities and hopefully mitigate the large point spreads seen in adult international tournaments. 

JRDA's Explanation of Testing Protocol
In order for a metric to be successful it must be relevant, accepted, repeatable, accessible, and unbiased.  With this in mind, the testing performed at the various Combines, brought to you by the JRDA, using means and equipment that removes the majority of tester bias and allows the athlete to supply data that is truly their own.  It is important to understand that some scores may not be what you as an athlete, parent or coach have been accustomed to seeing or be exactly the same as previous scores in other environments.  This explanation will allow those viewing the data to have greater understanding of the testing protocol.
  • Stops
  • Positional Blocking
  • Endurance
  • Coach's Impressions regarding teamwork, sportsmanship, and decision-making
  • 100 word essay describing their own assessment of personal skill and what they might contribute to the team, as well as areas they would like to improve

Each country developing competitive junior roller derby programs was invited to bring 2 co-ed or co-ed friendly teams (if they had the capacity) to this international tournament.  While we understand that co-ed play is not for everyone, there will be plenty of opportunities for these young athletes to compete at every level throughout their derby careers as both juniors and adults.

For its inaugural year, the JRDA's Junior Roller Derby World Cup will consist of six teams:

Team Argentina
Team Australia
Team Belgium
Team Canada
Team USA East
Team USA West

As we reflect on the previous year, we also look forward to a bright future and an assortment of opportunities for these young athletes to compete!

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