I Think We Should Meet

Team meeting.

Two words that fill me with dread. Well, they used to. But I've gotten better. Or maybe it's the meetings?

Couple weeks ago we, Hard Breaking Dolls, had our first official team meeting. The agenda was long. Very, very long. The topics ranged from important things like by-laws to stupid stuff like our twitter feed. 

With my old team, it was always hard to keep everybody interested in topics they weren't necessarily involved in. Everything took a really long time to discuss and not always we got through all the things we should have.

Safe to say, I was hoping this one would be better.

I think it's important that these meetings have at least some rules. Off the top of my head, it should be the following:

1) Have an agenda - If you're the one leading the meeting, have a list of topics that you'll be discussing/voting on and have some remarks prepared. Also, make sure everybody attending the meeting knows the topics beforehand as well, so you don't waste any time.
2) Be on time - You've seen the list of things what needs to be discussed and voted on. And we can't vote until you get there, and people get mad. Don't be tardy for the party.
3) Don't shout - Over each other and at one another. Common sense and just being polite gets you further. If you disagree with something or someone, you can tell them in a normal tone of voice.
4) Don't get drunk - Or you know, don't get too drunk too fast. If you're voting on new board members you might wanna remember who they are.

We stuck by those rules at our meeting. Voting on board members? Done in 5 minutes. Voting on by-laws? Everybody read them upfront, nobody has anything to add, check. New members? Do we want them? Duh, yes. Check. Additional practice time? We need it. Check. Sponsors? What kind and what do we want from them? Check. Merchandise? Let's make everything! Check. 

Honestly, I was surprised how efficient we were. We had over 20 things to get through and we managed to do that in about 2 hours. And the longest time we spent discussing something was our team colors and we've finally decided just this last Saturday. Priorities? We have them. Check.

I should probably add that after you're done talking and deciding what your league's next steps will be, you need to set deadlines. And people who will be responsible for meeting them. I know, deadlines are the worst but you need them. Otherwise it's really nice that you'd like to find one more day for practice but somebody actually has to volunteer to get it done. (Let's talk about that next time)

And yes, it's probably easier if all of your league is on the same page regarding what you want from your league and how it should evolve. After you're done talking about what color you'd like your uniform to be (red or leopard? red leopard?), you can finally enjoy that beer and it feels so good.
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