How to properly fuel yourself for roller derby

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With practice sessions lasting a few hours and games being pretty taxing on the body, it's so important to fuel yourself properly before you skate. We're all athletes and we need to eat like it.

Before you skate

Complex carbohydrates are important to give you the energy you need to get through a session but you'll also need some protein in there too so you don't get a sugar crash.

Porridge with some protein powder mixed in is always good or you could have scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast. If you want something a little sweeter then top some wholemeal toast with natural, organic peanut butter and a few slices of banana.

During a session

If you're starting to flag during a training session then you may need a quick burst of energy. A banana or jam sandwich is great for this. You shouldn't get a sugar crash as you'll burn it all as you exercise.

After a session

After you've skated, you'll need to repair your muscles. Something high in protein is the best way to do this. If you're stuck for time or aren't into cooking then a protein shake made with semi-skimmed milk would be a great place to start.

Alternatively, a salad of grilled chicken would work nicely or you could have some poached eggs on toast. Try and go for something low fat. Fat's not bad but our bodies struggle to process it after exercise.

The way you eat between sessions is important too. It's important to eat around 1g of protein for every 1lb of lean muscle you have. For the average woman that's around 100g of protein a day. That might sound like a lot but it's quite simple to achieve this by adding in more tuna and chicken to your day. Failing that, most protein powders contain about 20g of protein per serving.

To be a fantastic skater you don't need to maintain a clean diet 100% of the time but the better quality your food, the better performance you'll get. It's also worth remembering the hydration plays a huge part in how you perform. Make sure you drink plenty of water (not squash, nothing fizzy and no energy or sport drinks) before, during and after you skate.

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