Homeopathic First Aid with Materia Medica

The joy I get from the success of using my homeopathic first aid kit has been incomparable to any other selfcare I have explored or utilized. Except herbs. I love herbs too. I had to share. Take what you can use. Download and print easy reference.

SPOILERS- Get and use Arnica Montana in all it's varied forms! Tablets/pellets, cream, oil, gel, spray. It's Numeral Uno! But do not use topically on broken skin. Use only pelleted form to treat injuries with broken skin. Arnica is always first then narrow down to specific remedy according to injury profile.
Each time I hear of a tailbone injury I cringe in empathy. They hurt! And they can hurt for a long time. I know this can help! If you are in pain and suffering from a tailbone injury please try the remedy Hypericum Perforatum. If you've been suffering a long time, give it time to work. It's there to assist the healing process.

Feel free to download the quick, easy reference PDF at bottom of page and print this out so you can assemble your own first aid kit.

ACONITE- Injury, shock, trauma with panic and fear. Also eye injuries, such as a scratch on eyeball or foreign body.
Eye injuries are not unheard of in Roller Derby.

APIS- Bee stings, insect bites with itching, redness. Pains that are stinging and burning. Thirstlessness. Better with cold applications.
Because, bees.

ARNICA- Take first after any shock or injury. Bruising, accidents, bumps, shock, soft tissue injury, blows, falls, gunshot wounds, blunt objects, concussion of the brain, eye injuries, black eye. Bleeding caused by any injury. Sprains.
Arnica is the Queen of the herbs for first aid care.  Use for Accidents, prior to dental work, or any kind of surgery, bruises, head Injuries or concussion, sprains, muscle strain, overexertion and exhaustion, birth, pregnancy and labor. Do not use topically on broken skin.

CAUSTICUM- For 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Repeat every couple of minutes until pain significantly diminishes and repeat whenever pain returns. (Time required for pain relief depends on time between burn and treatment and degree of burn.)
Might just work for rinkrash since that's a type of burn!

COCCULUS- Queasiness and nausea from riding in a vehicle.
Useful for travel team (backseat driver's) motion sickness. Works on preggos, kids & pets too.

HYPERICUM- Nerve damage. When pain radiates up limb or spine. Smashed fingertips and toes. Tailbone injury. Injuries that leave numbness and tingling. Severe concussions with nerve pain.
Hypericum is St. John's/Joan's wort. This is the remedy to use for those painful broken coccyx/tailbone injuries. Also useful in herb infused oil.

LEDUM- Puncture wounds from sharp objects-nails, splinters, insect stings, especially mosquitoes, animal bites, and scratches, severe bruising (use after arnica). Any situation which threatens tetanus.
Useful for those Derby bruises that look like they are as big as a continent. Use after Arnica.

RHUS TOX- Injury that leave the part stiff that's relieved somewhat by warmth. Joint and tendon injuries where stiffness develops. Poison oak treatment.
RT has been known to help tendonitis or tennis elbow.

RUTA- Heals torn, wrenched tendons, split ligaments, sprains (after Arnica) of knees, wrists, ankles. Injured bones, eyes, rectum.
Use Ruta for the more severe tears, wrenches, splits and sprains. And Vagina Shiners.

SYMPHYTUM- Heals and helps pain of broken bones. Blunt eyeball injury. Wounds that penetrate to bone covering and bone.
Very useful to speed healing and help those injuries and bruises that go deep to the bone covering like a skate to the shin.

RESCUE REMEDY-Use immediately in any emergency situation. Apply externally to any burn, wound, cut, bump, injury, etc. Also take a few drops by mouth. If dropper touches the wound or mouth, clean with alcohol. I have a spray bottle with a few drops of RR in it topped off with pure water that I use to spritz my face, the environment, pets or babe.
RR is a flower essence, not a homeopathic remedy but is very effective and safe to use. Comes in a cream too.

I use a lunch box as my first aid kit. A tackle box will work too. I have all my remedies in a juice box cooler that came with the lunchbox. This protects them further from heat, light, strong odors, moisture and temperature changes. Even though remedies are in amber bottles, wrap in foil to protect them from light and never subject them to direct sunlight.
Remedies are very sensitive and it is best to not touch them with your hands when dosing. Tip them out into a spoon or in the lid of the bottle to dose, being careful not to touch the lid to the mouth. If you pour out too many pellets-don't put them back. This may nullify the whole batch. Put them in a small cup or bag to used for next dose.

Other useful selfcare herbs and remedies include, Calendula tincture for cuts and scrapes, Nelson's cream for hemorrhoids, Umcka for colds and flu, Tri-salts for reflux, Tiger balm for aches, Swedish Bitters for any digestive complaints and as a general tonic.

Download this printable to print for easy reference. I taped one to the inside of the first aid kit.

firstaid.pdf (411.7KB)

You don't have to 'believe' in homeopathy for them to work. I know people who think they are absolute bull. I happen to have seen and experienced the cessation of pain from injury by using these remedies. I also use them on my kids and pets. They have been the most convincing since there is no placebo for animals. As far as the kids go they've been treated with the appropriate remedies since babyhood for teething pain, childhood bumps and bruises and more. The bottom line is,  these are safe, effective and readily available to use without a doctor. Use this information in good health at your own risk.

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