Gothenburg on the roll!

The most amazing and fantastically crazy thing has happened and contrary to that film, the Happening, this is really going to be THE Happening. On Saturday, the 17th of May, beginning at 12 o'clock and forever ever after :-)

A few months ago one of our league members found an old e-mail in which she had corresponded with the city and urban planning offices. We had been looking for possibilities to get an outdoor track built for us for a while without any real success. On finding this e-mail she decided to give them a call. A call that got Gothenburg on the roll and initiated a series of meetings with the planners and the 3 roller derby leagues in the city.

THREE and a half MONTHS later and we're going to gear up for the opening ceremony at Gothenburg Frihamn. In English that translates as Free Haven (or port/harbour/dock but I reckon Haven is just right).
Most of us know how much time our league members devote to hunting for indoor and outdoor tracks - and this is ubelievable. We have recieved this amazing gift from our beautiful and generous city!

Gothenburgs three leagues, Dock City Rollers and Gothenburg Salty Seamen and Gothenburg Roller Derby are coming together for the grand opening on Saturday that will be held in the sunshine and breeze from the sea. With the smell of new cement and paint. Smooth and lovely. Dreamy.
The first ever bout to be played on the track will be by Gothenburg Salty Seamen versus Malmö Royal Rollerderby. This will be followed by almost two hours of open skate for anyone and everyone and then scrimmage with mixed teams from all Dock City Rollers and Gothenburg Roller Derby. Of course it doesn't end there. Of course there will be a roller disco and merriment and madness! Of course there will be lots and lots of gladness!

Just don't miss it!
Here's the Facebook event: Invigning av Roller Derby Arena

The fabulous poster up at the top is designed by Nils Dahl.

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