Good Deeds - Skating for Charity

On the 10th August a hundred or so skaters from teams across the north of England lined up on the start line of the go-karting track in Wombwell. Twenty four hours earlier the weather had been foul. Rain lashing down, the wind swirling and the UK expecting the tail end of Hurricane Bertha to hit at any minute. But on the 10th the weather was fine, a window had opened. It was as if the weather had decided to come and support the skaters who were undertaking a marathon on wheels in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust. With a wave of the start flag they were off, 50 gruelling laps.

Roller Derby has always supported a wide range of charities, usually those that touch the lives of people within the community. The Roller Marathon was just one more example of the good work going on across the UK and the rest of the world.

After 50 tiring laps the skaters could relax knowing that they had achieved something personally and at the same time helping out a good cause. All the action from the bright, sunny day is below.

Waiting for the flag...

...and they're off.

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