Gillotine Grace, a Business Woman and Athlete selected for Team Texas

Add another line to the list of ways Ashley Gill (AKA Gillotine Grace) has put Stephenville on the map in roller derby. Co-founder of local non-profit Cowboy Capital Rollergirls, Gill recently traveled to the Texas Rollergirls’ Blood Shed in Austin for tryouts and returned home a proud member of Team Texas. Amidst congratulations on her accomplishment Gill responded “It was brutal but I survived!”

Texas’ top skaters fought for the chance to wear a Team Texas jersey, only 20 made the cut and Ashley Gill was one of them. One exciting moment (pictured above) was “Gillotine Grace” jamming against Texas athletes “Smarty Pants” and “SlaughterMelon”, Gill said “I got through a time or two making it that much better!” Team Texas will meet approximately 40 other states this November in Florida for the State Wars Tournament.

You can congratulate Gill in person May 31, at The Stephenville City Park, as she coaches your local Cowboy Capital Rollergirls in their bout against The Acadiana Rollergirls from Lafayette, La.

For more information on The Cowboy Capital Rollergirls visit and Team Texas at as well as follow both teams on social media.

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