FUNdraising Suggestions for Junior Roller Derby Programs

One of the things we have in common in junior roller derby is that everyone needs funding for something.  It could be anything from travel funds to uniforms to insurance.  Here are a few ideas that we hope helps you achieve your FUNdraising goals.


During Skate-a-Thons, skaters are often given either a set amount of time in which to skate as many laps as they can, or a set maximum number of laps to complete. For example: in a one hour time frame allowing a maximum of 100 laps skated. Prior to the Skate-a-Thon, participants are encouraged to secure pledges from businesses, family, friends, and neighbors. These can be either a per lap pledge, or a straight dollar amount pledge. In addition to the fundraising aspect of Skate-a-Thons, events such as these give junior roller derby leagues the opportunity to combine skating with a fun, social event that ultimately boosts club spirit! The rink will (sometimes) donate an hour of time if you use their name in advertising or just because they want to support the cause. The local radio station may also be interested in picking up the event!
Download the Skate-A-Thon Form

Product Orders

Highlight the organization's goals at every opportunity throughout the fundraiser:
  1. Pre Program
  2. During Program
  3. After Program
According to the AFRDS, these are the Goal Setting SMARTs for a successful program.
S - Specific. Well defined and clear.
M - Measurable. Quantifiable to track progress toward the goal.
A - Agreed upon. Everybody's on the same page and committed.
R - Realistic. Given the availability of resources.
T - Time-framed. With a plan for implementation including who, what, and when.

Sample Order Forms: For the Cause Nature in Bloom Delightful Fragrances Magic Melts


Do a little research in your local area to see what other children's sports organizations are doing for their sponsorship packages. What can JUNIOR ROLLER DERBY offer these businesses in return for funding for a season?

Bingo Halls

USA Bingo Hall Locations
Bingo halls, depending on State Laws, must donate any earnings above and beyond what they payout in prizes to a 501c3 organization. Why shouldn't that be to a deserving Junior Roller Derby league?


Check your local city, state, and federal grant opportunities. You must have 2 things before applying for a grant. 501c3 status on your own or under the JRDA Group Exemption umbrella and a "Project." Since most leagues aren't named by project, here is an idea on what to name your project so you get an idea of what they're looking for:
Rolling with a Purpose: Promoting Healthy Lifestyles with Junior Roller Derby
Grant Finder


Shout Outs at Bouts - $1 for fans to write a message to their favorite skater(s).
Donation Jar - set up a junior derby information table with a poster board that includes pictures, information, and details of what you're trying to pay for.
Skater Made Merch / Trinkets - have your skaters flex their creative muscles and create 10 'derby things' to donate to your league's merchandise (i.e clay jewelry, magnets, hat pins, hair accessories, etc.).
Bake Sale - after clearing it with your event space, have parents donate Bake Sale items. Individually wrapped items (i.e. 3 cookies in a plastic baggie) will sell at events.
Rummage Sale - have your league have a Spring Rummage sale. Everyone cleans out their older items a few times a year. Instead of donating to some other organization, have the skaters, parents, and their friends donate items with all proceeds going towards your league.
Local Restaurants - restaurants like to give back to the communities they are in. Check out a few well known age-appropriate establishments to see what kind of fundraising options that have available (i.e Moe's Southwest Grill).

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