Dubai Roller Derby; an addiction.


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Hey rollers,

I am happy to write my first column for Rollin’ News; the second monthly article from Dubai Roller Derby.

I’d like to share my story of this amazing sport in the city I now live in and all of the exciting changes in my life.

After 10+ years of collecting dust in a wardrobe, I decided to try my old high school figure skates.

First discovery: my feet haven’t grown!

Second: I could skate in them, but most of the pirouettes were gone.

Third: as it used to be, the skates were completely unsuitable to skate outdoors. I then hopelessly looked online for softer wheels in Dubai and I found something else that would change my life forever: Dubai Roller Derby.

I had no idea what Roller Derby meant but a girl told me through the Facebook fan page to give it a try. DRD welcomed me in July, and I haven’t missed a weekly practice since!

How could something pull me in so intensely? Should I call this an addiction? Maybe...But I prefer to consider it a lifestyle.

I continuously talk about it, have given up most of my previous lazy life for this new sport and I have recurrent dreams…….. and sometimes nightmares. In the last one I remember, I couldn’t glide with my heavy skates because the sports hall floor was covered with gym mats – a clear sign that I can’t wait much longer to get my new derby skates (which are on their way, woo!) and retire the figure skates.

Roller Derby combines many things that I like, such as skating, but in a much cooler and competitive way – no need to skate up straight with an uncomfortable elegant stance; disconnecting from work and having fun in this remote city in the middle of the desert and having a new big group of friends, all kind of crazy I have to say…Which makes me feel understood, not mention the social activities.

It’s a new family, and believe me, it’s not easy to feel this way when you are so far from home, in a completely different world. Dubai can be a hard place to start but right now, I find it amazing and I have to say that DRD has a lot to do with it.

Our family members are from South Africa, Colombia, UK, India, UAE, Ireland, the United States, Spain and more!  We all work in different areas and have completely different backgrounds but sharing this passion makes us very close sisters.

Our family is growing exponentially every month with our Fresh Meat Nights. Some of the newbies are still skating at their own pace to gain more confidence with their own or rented skates; whereas others have passed a big bunch of minimum skills in less than a month.

No matter what our levels are, we all show up with a big smile and a lot of energy. But I have to say that all this is possible thanks to our commitment to the league. It’s somehow weird to understand why we all end up spending so much time in this but, I told you, this is an addiction, no a passion, no a lifestyle.

Some of you may have also discovered Roller Derby after figure skating. It is fascinating how many things I remember or have forgotten from my school days. On the one hand, I feel very confident with transitions and some jumps but, on the other, I can’t help raising my arms and forgetting to be in Derby stance.

But no matter the advantages and disadvantages, it’s still a really cool experience being part of the worldwide Derby community.

Thanks for having a look at my article and see you next month with our next sister ;)


Derby love,



Dubai Roller Derby


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