Does Your League Advertise On Facebook? Think Again...

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While Facebook sucks up our social life, we know everyone from our dad to our high school friends are on the Book of Face.  But does your league use Facebook?  Most leagues tend to start organizing on Facebook through their private groups. While there is something better than facebook, they post messages, add pictures and do the same communication other leagues do when first starting out.  

After a while, your league gets smarter and adds their own page to Facebook to help advertise their league.  Your thinking that you have only 500 likes, but want more and more to come like your page.  What your league does next is probably some grass roots organizing.  You get out the message. One of those avenues might even be Facebook advertising.  Your thinking you might be able to get some local people to notice your league.  Like it and maybe even come out to a few games.

What I am here to tell you is don't.  Stop right there.  Don't advertise on the Book of Face.  Save your league some money and watch the video below.

So as you can see, it probably is no longer the best thing to do.  Don't spend the time advertising on Facebook to get the word out.  Remember, that if you have a league, you have the folks willing to do the groundwork to get the word out.  Its that easy.  I actually know this one league in Puerto Rico that skates the main strip of their home town for their practices.  When ever they stop to rest for a few minutes, they hand out flyers and talk it up among the folks out and about that night.  Now thats ground work!

Save some money, do your own leg work.

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