Do You Know How To Sell Your Derby Merch to a Larger Audience?

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You don't always have to be at a tournament or game to sell your Derby Merchandise. You don't even need a store front anymore.  I would bet half the good derby merchandise in the world is now sold online.

Everyone knows Rollin News and RDNation have partnered to become one of the best places for derby news from around the world.  What you didn't probably know was that RDNation has a shops section that allows anyone with derby merchandise to sell online.  They made it super simple to upload new merchandise, set a price and then start selling as a roller derby store front.  Whats great about this, is that RDNation gives every person the ability to sell derby merchandise.  Whether you make it or have it shipped in from the big companies, you can sell the merchandise on RDNation.  RDNation handles all the payments from one person to another and gets it directly deposited into the shop owners account.  RDNation even has a review process, unlike other derby shops online, you can read reviews based on the products quality and satisfaction.

Now this is very important, after the product is listed on RDNation and ready to sell, Rollin News takes those items at random and shows it to all the content readers.  Each page on Rollin News lists between 1 - 3 products.  So while readers are thinking and reading derby, they might be interested in buying derby too. Readers can see Derby Workouts, Derby Socks, Derby Helmets, Stickers, Shirts and a variety of other things.

Upon reading this article, you might not see a big reason to use the RDNation shops.  You might be asking yourself, why even deal with the incredibly low 15% fee RDNation charges when I have my own store front and online presence.  Well, let me give you three very real reasons.

  1. Due to the very successful partnership with RDNation, Rollin News delivers 1 - 3 random items on each and every page delivered to the reader.  It puts your merchandise in front of eyeballs that live and breath derby.  With over 44,000 users visiting Rollin News last month, that is an incredible amount of eyeballs in front of your merchandise. 
  2. RDNation tracks every purchase made by a direct click from Rollin News.  That means, that as a shop owner, part of the 15% that RDNation charges is going directly back to the writers who publish new content.  Your supporting new content and new content is supporting you.  The idea is, that its an endless loop to help foster a greater wealth of content in the derby community.
  3. Even Your league can sell merchandise.  If you don't already have an account with RDNation, your league can setup their account and start selling on RDNation.  No longer do you have to wait and try to sell all the merchandise you can at bouts.  Now you have an online resource to sell and hopefully get it in front of your fans!
There comes a point where you should be asking yourself, am I in this to just sell some stuff or am I in this to become world wide?

In closing, instead of moving your entire business over to the RDNation shops, rather you should consider it a supplement to your business.  RDNation probably won't be the core of your purchases with sites like Etsy and Ebay, but it could be a solid stream of income from readers all around the world.  Something that you or 44,000 people probably don't want to miss out on.

So what are you waiting for?  Start your shop today and help support the writers of Rollin News!

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